The best part about being a pro wrestling fan is nobody really knows what is around the corner. WWE has been stacking their rosters on both Raw and SmackDown as well as NXT. Now it seems like WWE is bringing two more big names to SmackDown Live.

Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis have been bouncing around the globe. The happily married couple were a big attraction in New Japan and brought their appeal to TNA. Ring Of Honor also got a taste of the action along the way.

But, ever since the couple left the former Dixie Carter-Land there have been rumors they would be making their way to WWE. They weren’t saying anything but implied they had a career path in mind.

Now SportsKeeda is reporting the pro wrestling power couple are expected to sign new WWE deals. Pro Wrestling Torch also reports that it’s believed they will be joining the SmackDown Live roster. There was reportedly a deal on the table from Impact Wrestling for them to return but WWE’s deal was obviously more attractive.

The two are expected to debut on SmackDown Live soon and they are bypassing NXT entirely which might surprise some people. After all, much bigger names like Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode needed to go through WWE’s developmental brand first. But apparently, WWE sees something special in Mike and Maria.

This is certainly a happy turn of events because SmackDown needs a shot of freshness. They arguably got the lesser end of the deal during WWE’s recent Superstar Shake-up. The two offer great personalities and can be played as heels or babyfaces. Even though in typical WWE-fashion if a guy has an attractive girl by his side, he’s usually a heel. It’s unclear how soon the two will pop up on SmackDown Live, but don’t be surprised to see them on Tuesday nights very soon.


  1. or more likely they get to skip NXT because of her previous WWE experience. That (thankfully) small section of your article is pretty sad as you completely ignore that she’ll be returning to where she started her career as well as that the Hardy’s just did the same thing with their return.