Simon Gotch received his WWE release a couple of weeks ago. Surprisingly he’s the only superstar to be released so far in this post-WrestleMania season.

Typically fans bid farewell to a handful of people following Mania. But so far it’s just been Simon Gotch to receive the dreaded “best of luck on your future endeavors” letter. Then again, the word is his release might not have been part of a planned cut. He could have caused a scene backstage to earn his release.

One thing a wrestler must do when they leave WWE is picking a new name. Everyone has to do it. Adam Rose became Aldo (then Leo Krugar), Bull Dempsey became Bull James, and Cody Rhodes just dropped the last name altogether. Instead of just becoming “Simon,” Gotch is now going as Simon Grimm.

It’s a pretty good name, to be honest, and might bode well for him. Whoever suggested it to him needs a gold star for a great idea. Simon Grimm has already taken a few indie bookings too, so he’ll have the chance to go under his new moniker in no time. He even has some new merchandise available in the theme of his new surname.

Simon Grimm’s former tag team partner, Aiden English was left behind on SmackDown Live. But he’s not pouting about the Vaudevillains break-up. If anything, he’s ready to take on a new challenge.

Aiden English recently posted a picture of himself holding a scarf some long-time fans of NXT might remember. Before the Vaudevillains were put together Aiden English was an opera singer who had a lot of upside to his character. He was still a throw-back personality with an old-school wrestling move-set. But he was on his own.

Now he’s a singles competitor once more and looks ready to break out his old ring attire. Fans got a taste of his opera singing gimmick last week complete with a spotlight on him. It was awesome to see English back to his old persona.

Word is he might be in line for a push now that he’s a singles star. Aiden English said he’s always building and always creating. He’s obviously planning something big and only time will tell how far he’ll go on his own.

The work continues…always building, always creating… #DramaKing #SecondCitySavant #SDLive

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