simon gotch

Simon Gotch found himself on the receiving end of a “best of luck on your future endeavors letter” recently. He was released from his WWE contract and so far he’s been the only post-WrestleMania WWE release.

Some people thought Simon Gotch’s release was due to the fact that WWE didn’t see the momentum that The Vaudevillains had in NXT. After all, they were NXT Tag Team Champions at one point.

In the latest issue of The Observer, it was reported that Simon Gotch was involved in a backstage incident the day before he was released from WWE. It is reported that before the SmackDown Live after WrestleMania in Orlando, Simon Gotch accidentally tipped over his own chair in catering then reportedly got mad and caused a scene.

However, it was noted that the incident might night not have been a factor in regards to his release, because later on that night the Vaudevillians suffered a loss and Aiden English took the pin-fall instead of Gotch.

But the dismantled Vaudevillains will probably be fine separately though. Simon Gotch has already started booking indie dates and Aiden English is reportedly due for a push after he went back to his old NXT opera singer gimmick.

James Laurinaitis, son of Road Warrior Animal has officially retired from the NFL. This could have an impact on the wrestling world because WWE very well might want to snatch up the would-be second generation superstar now that he’s no longer playing football.

Laurinaitis was a stand-out player for The Ohio State University’s football team where he was a three-time All-American. James Laurinaitis went on to play for the St. Louis Rams from 2010 to 2015 and then played for the New Orleans Saints in 2016. We can only assume the 30-year-old son of Road Warrior Animal certainly has the ties in WWE to get a tryout if he wants one.


  1. So he tipped his own chair over? Either that’s a typo or he needs to learn to lighten up and laugh it off. Maybe some time away from WWE for him to grow up and mature a bit is what he needs.