When it was announced last week that Kane had an announcement to make today it was assumed he was headed toward a political run. Glenn Jacobs (aka Kane) has teased the fact that he’s interested in running for Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee in the past. But today he made it official.

Kane spoke to WBIR in Knoxville about the subject today by saying, “being someone who hasn’t been in local government before, we’re a new set of eyes on the new problems and challenges that we’ll have going forward. I think that we’re really in a transitional period as a country.”

It certainly sounds like Kane is gearing up to take on a whole battle royal of opponents in the political arena instead of a WWE ring this time.

It would also appear that Kane is running as a republican. He has previously registered as a libertarian, but he’s ready to take on the role of Mayor of Knoxille under a different ticket. He’s got quite an opponent too because current mayor of Knoxville, Madeline Rogero is not only the first female Mayor in the history of “Queen City of the Mountains,” but she’s remained quite popular since her election in 2011 .

Simon Gotch received his official WWE release last week, but he’s already starting to fill up his calendar by booking a couple independent dates. Got received his release last week and since then there have been rumors his former tag team partner in the Vaudvillains, Aiden English is going to be getting a push in WWE as a singles competitor.

Although we haven’t seen any proof on WWE television that Aiden English is getting said push just yet, Simon Gotch is evidently going to make himself as busy as possible.

We can only assume he’s operating with the customary 90-day non-compete clause in his contract because they’re scheduled for later this summer. But, if you’re in the UK and would like a chance to see Simon Gotch (or whatever his name is going to be on the indie circuit) work, then you’re going to have your chance.