Kane has been absent from WWE television for a while. He missed his first Royal Rumble and WrestleMania in forever. There have been rumors Kane, real name Glenn Jacobs has been gearing up to run for Mayor of Knoxville, Tenessee. Now it appears as though those rumors might have some validity to them.

WBIR TV is reporting Kane will make an announcement on April 11. Many people close to the situation are theorizing that he will be officially announcing his intentions to run for Mayor of Knoxville.

Kane is actually a well-respected member of the Knoxville community. He’s been running Jacobs Insurance Associates for quite some time now. He has spoken in the past about local politics in the Knoxville area and it sounds like he’s got some good ideas.

The Big Red Machine has identified as a Libertarian in the past, but he registered as a Republican in paperwork he filed last month. The paperwork he filed last month wasn’t an official announcement, it was just preliminary paperwork that showed his interest in a potential run for office.

There is no word on whether or not these political aspirations will keep him from the ring even longer. But, he hasn’t appeared on WWE television for quite some time in preparation for a potential run. Therefore, we can only assume a political run like this would mean we won’t be seeing Kane for a little bit longer.

Kane’s kayfabe brother, The Undertaker recently had his last match at WrestleMania. The idea of losing Kane in the same calendar year might be a lot to imagine, but it might be the case. He still has plenty of time to prepare for his run, but it looks like he might be getting a head start.

He has a lot to tackle because his political opponent, Madeline Rogero has held the office since 2011. We here at Still Real To Us would like to wish Glenn Jacobs the best of luck if he chooses to run. It’s just too bad we can’t vote in Knoxville.