We previously reported Matt Hardy might very well be getting back to his Broken character. But he might not be allowed to actually become Broken again. After all, if WWE let Matt Hardy go as “Broken Matt” Anthem and Impact Wrestling might turn their attorneys loose on WWE.

World Wrestling Entertainment doesn’t have time to get sued again. But there are ways to get around legal trouble. After all, there are plenty of synonyms for the word broken. One of those is “torn.”

Matt Hardy updated his Twitter profile to “Torn Matt Hardy.” Yup, just like the Natalie Imbruglia song, Matt Hardy is Torn only he’s not cold and ashamed laying naked on the floor. He’s mixing it up on Monday Night Raw.

This is very interesting and exciting news indeed. After all, with Jeff already branching out and doing things very well in singles competition as evidenced by how well he handled Cesaro on Monday, anything can happen now.

Matt Hardy posted a very interesting tweet earlier today saying he is heavily conflicted. It also featured his knack for evolving. We’re pretty confused. But we’re still plenty excited about what might be in store for Matt Hardy in WWE.

But through it all Matt will always be a great father to young King Maxel. Matt Hardy hasn’t stopped posted pictures of the family fans grew to know and love while he was in Impact Wrestling.

Matt Hardy is a man of many names and personalities. It very well might be possible WWE fans have only seen a glimpse of what Matt is capable of. At this point, we have no idea what he could be up to next.

There is no word or hint on if the WWE Universe will be seeing Queen Rebecca or Senor Benjamin yet. But the fact Matt is making these veiled steps to become a brand new Matt means anything could be in the cards. One thing is for sure, Matt is still no fan of owls.

Update 4/19/17: Matt Hardy has since changed his Twitter handle back to #BROKEN Matt Hardy. He just can’t seem to make up his mind these days.

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