The release date for WWE 2K19 is quickly approaching, and this year WWE Champion AJ Styles is the man on the cover of the game.

Styles has a rating of 91 in the game, but The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns and Steve Austin are all ranked higher than him.

The current WWE Champion shared his thoughts on the rankings while speaking with GiveMeSport, and he had some pretty hilarious reactions (via Wrestling Inc).

Lesnar: “Shocker [sarcastically]. Maybe I’d be a 93 [if I decided to show up] whenever. I’m not mad at Brock, go figure.”

The Rock: “What the freak? He tore an ab the last time he wrestled! Come on man! I’m not saying he’s not jacked, I’m just saying that you’ve gotta be in ring shape! Which Rock are we going with here? Are we going with Hollywood Rock? Some 2K programmer is thinking, ‘maybe the Rock is going to get us in Hollywood, maybe he can get us into a movie’.”

Reigns: “[Spits gum out] Oh, did my gum just fall out? I’ve been champion for awhile now, doesn’t that count for anything?

Austin: “What the freak?! Come on man! Everybody respects Austin, but come on! Jeez man!”