Even though some wrestlers would like to compete forever, sooner or later Father Time catches up to them.

Goldust recently acknowledged his future in the wrestling business during an appearance on the Sports Guys Talking Wrestling podcast, and he noted that he’s at the end of his career.

“I’ve wrestled just about everybody there is to wrestle, done just about every character reincarnation that I can come up with. What’s next? I’m at the end of my career here and about to be 50 in April. What else is there to do? I don’t know.”

Goldust also talked about his double knee surgery and said that his body doesn’t recover like it used to.

While talking about the current generation of WWE Superstars, he said, “I can still hang for a little bit with these kids,” and he also offered them a little advice.

“Tell a story. You don’t have to do a thousand things in two minutes when you can do one just as good and still tell that story with your face, or how you land, or your reaction. That’s a lost art. Storytelling is a big part of our industry and if given time you can do it properly. If you’re Roman Reigns, if you’re Braun Strowman, you’re getting a weekly deal to tell that story and then it starts to work and you start feeling it.”

H/T Wrestling Inc