aj styles

The last few years have been good to AJ Styles. He managed to feud with some big names, win the WWE United States Championship twice, as well as the WWE Championship twice. But apparently Vince McMahon thinks AJ needs to take his career to another level.

Vince McMahon confronted AJ Styles in a backstage segment on SmackDown this week, and he asked him if SmackDown is the house that AJ Styles built, why isn’t AJ competing in his own house. He said Daniel Bryan is raising hell, and AJ Styles is just wandering the hallway.

Vince told AJ that they’re a lot a like, and that he has a black hole in his heart. McMahon said there’s an animal inside AJ that’s eating him alive and he wants to see it.

Business picked up big time when Vince McMahon slapped AJ Styles, and AJ responded by punching Vince in the face.

As Vince dropped to the ground, AJ stood over him and they were separated.

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