The Phenomenal One, AJ Styles has accomplished a lot of things since he broke onto the scene in WWE. He was the Champ That Runs The Camp and he’s currently the Face That Built SmackDown Live. But AJ Styles hasn’t picked up the United States Title yet. He’s looking to change that at WWE’s Backlash PPV.

Chicago is in for a great contest because AJ Styles is going to take on Kevin Owens for that red, white, and blue belt. AJ wants to prove that Kevin Owens isn’t the real Face Of America. But he’ll have one heck of a time getting that title off of KO.

But if anyone’s going to take the US Title off of Owens, it’s going to be AJ Styles. After all, Chris Jericho took the title off of KO at WrestleMania 33 and AJ beat Y2J at Mania the year before that.

AJ recently commented how Chicago is his town and SmackDown is his show. He has his eyes fixed on taking that title off of Kevin Owens and it doesn’t look like there’s any convincing him he’s not going to walk out of the All State Arena as United States Champion.

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce’s antics are gold. They have an amazing chemistry together but that’s because they have been best friends for years. They came into NXT together and have had an incredible experience along the way.

The two even recently saw a UFO, so that’s cool too.

Peyton Royce commented about breaking up her alliance with Billie Kay. Apparently, some fans were asking them if they were next to break up after #DIY’s (not so surprising) split.

Peyton wanted to make the point that Billie Kay and she have been friends for long before their time in NXT. She wanted to assure fans there was no risk of her cutting ties with her longtime bestie anytime soon. Billie reciprocated her friend’s comments.