sasha banks

Fans are becoming frustrated with how WWE officials have been booking Sasha Banks over the past few months. She has been losing a lot of matches, and it’s demonstrating to the fans that she’s not considered to be a top star in WWE. Apparently, Vince McMahon is the driving force behind her booking.

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It’s being reported by All Wrestling News that Vince McMahon isn’t as high on The Boss as a lot of others are within the company. Her connection with the fans is clear to him, but Vince feels that she has become injury prone and that’s holding her back from some opportunities.

There is no doubt that Sasha Banks has had her share of injuries and back issues over the past year, but McMahon is taking them seriously. The belief is she can’t be trusted to hold a title for a long reign, which is why she’s a three-time champion without a successful title defense.

Her role in the midcard is a result of being put on the back burner until she can prove that she can be relied on for a top role in the women’s division. The bright side is Sasha Banks is very young, so she has time to break these stigmas about her, but she needs to stay healthy.


  1. Sasha is an amazing talent and should’ve had a more successful fun as champion. This demotion shouldn’t hurt her though. Fans will continue to ride for her and much like the men’s division having the title isn’t a must. It’s the ability in the ring that sells…. unless Vince doesn’t believe in you…. she’s fucked.

  2. Not only is she injury prone, but at times she’s dangerous in the ring. She botches A LOT. It’s amazing she’s only hurt Emma and not Charlotte several times.

    • She botches a lot? Where?? All the botches during her matches with Charlotte were clearly Charlotte’s fault. And Emma’s injury was a freak accident, Sasha has hit the double knee stomp on every woman on that roster countless times and has never injured any of them with it.

      • Oh come on! You seriously think she never botches? She’s one of the most frequent botchers in the division behind Naomi. People don’t call her Botcha Banks for nothing.

        • She doesn’t actually. Name me some spots where she’s botched cause I can’t think of any. And no one calls her that, only idiots that say that are the ones that turned on her after she got over and popular because that’s what the IWC does. IWC begs and begs for a wrestler to be put over only to bash them and call them overrated once they are.

          • Hell In A Cells debacle comes immediately to mind. I’m sure if you Google Sasha Banks botch there has to be a bunch that come up.