The world of professional wrestling has its ups and downs. Some people never see the biggest ups, so the fact we get to see our favorite superstars experience some success is always a good thing. Team DIY have had an amazing run together at the top of NXT’s tag team division, but now there is some evidence their break-up might be looming.

Hope Vista is a rock band with a new single out called “Allegiance”. Why are we bringing up a band out of the blue you might ask? Well, their lead singer claims she just recorded vocals for Johnny Gargano’s new theme song.

According to Pro Wrestling Unlimited, on Monday she tweeted out: “Tomorrow I am recording lead vocals for WWE star @JohnnyGargano’s theme for when he enters the ring. Shall be interesting.”

She has since deleted the tweet. We’re willing to bet someone at WWE had a blood vessel burst in their forehead when they saw she tweeted that. So her OG social media faux pas is no longer there. But, if you search @hopevista and @johnnygargano on Twitter you get some very interesting responses to her tweet that weren’t deleted.

The team of Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa are set to take on The Authors Of Pain at NXT TakeOver: Chicago. But that might be the end of the line for Team DIY. Their last match together very well might be that ladder match. But at least it’s sure to be an epic encounter. If they split them up, it could happen after they lose that ladder match.

Johnny Gargano is an outstanding competitor and is capable of amazing things in WWE. Maybe someone noticed that in the front office and decided to break him off early from Ciampa and not even give Team DIY a main roster run together.

Tommaso Ciampa is also amazing and can play a great heel. Tommaso Ciampa has had experience drawing heel heat before. We could easily see him turning on Johnny Wrestling after the match. Ciampa’s the one that lost the match in the CWC and everyone always chants “Johnny Wrestling”, so they could always use that as fodder in a jealousy angle.

There’s always the chance of them reuniting down the road. But for the time being, maybe it would be a good idea for them to each fully establish their place in the singles division. The have made big names for themselves as part of a team. If they split up, people might pay more attention to them after their outstanding run as Team DIY. It would certainly be a reason why they’re still in NXT.