Straight from the passionate Ohio indie scene comes a man known as Johnny Gargano. His real name is actually John Gargano too, so that’s a huge plus for him. The fact WWE let him keep his name is a miracle. He shares that trait with another indie phenomenon who got to use a name very similar to the one he legally has, Bryan Danielson.

Johnny Gargano burst onto the NXT television show and soon found amazing success. He teamed with fellow indie wrestler Tomasso Ciampa and formed Team DIY. Early on in the team’s run the two were forced to battle in an epic match in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic that some consider the best match of the tournament.

Team #DIY soon took on the top teams NXT and captured the Tag Team Titles during a history-making feud with The Revival. DIY is short for Do It Yourself, and it’s easy to see why. Johnny Gargano had to fight for ever inch he’s carved out for himself in the wrestling business.

Johnny Gargano recently posted a tweet with a link to a documentary about him while he was still in the indies. At the time, the 26-year-old Gargano was still working the indie scene and making a name for himself. He had to have been on WWE’s radar already because he was putting out outstanding work and this documentary is only about three years old anyway.

You can see the documentary below but we warn you that you will be moved by the story. During the video, Johnny Gargano befriends a young boy suffering from a life-threatening illness. The little boy was such a fan of Gargano’s that he actually skipped a bone-marrow procedure to make it to one the wrestling show. The entire locker room gave the little boy an amazing gift for being such a great fan and Johnny got to make the announcement to their young fan.

If we had a second chance with a Daniel Bryan-type guy in WWE, this is it. Johnny Gargano is a ton of talent in a small package. He says he doesn’t understand why people look up to him. He mentions kids love him too, which is anything needs to be banked on in WWE because that might mean huge money. WWE just needs to give him the chance.

We would be insanely happy if Johnny Gargano became a runaway star and crowds of people came out to see him and hijack Raw on his behalf. The sky is the limit for this young performer and he never wants to disappoint his fans. During the documentary, he tells the story of how he once wrestled over twenty minutes with no feeling in his legs because he didn’t want to let the crowd down. He is truly a wrestler for the fans.

Let’s hope Gargano is able to stay healthy and produce fantastic matches for years to home. Hopefully, Team #DIY is being positioned for a main roster jump soon. (Then again, we thought the same thing about The Revival for the past year-and-a-half.) We can’t wait until Johnny Gargano applies his craft in front of the entire WWE Universe. Hopefully, his natural appeal will show and he will become a huge name in WWE.

The only thing he has going against him is his size. But WWE has been willing to make exceptions to this rule in the past and it’s paid off very well. Some might look at Johnny Gargano and think Johnny Wrestling doesn’t have what it takes to be the next Daniel Bryan. But this writer is only saying maybe WWE should let him grow his beard out and see what he can do.