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After several months away from Raw, Big Show returned to television this week and he returned sporting the most epic beard of his career so far. Big Show faced off against Seth Rollins, and after the match he declared that he’s back.

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Big Show has had a long career in the world of professional wrestling, and although some fans might not appreciate his body of work, it’s impossible to deny that at this point, the man is a living legend. Today we’re going to take a look at 5 reasons why Big Show is WWE’s most underappreciated legend.


#5 – He’s A Team Player

big show
Photo: WWE

Big Show has had a lot of success in the professional wrestling business. He’s beaten some of the top names in the industry, but he’s also lost his fair share of matches as well.

Big Show has been wrestling for over 20 years now, and he established himself as a top name a long time ago. Over the past few years Show has shown that he has no problem doing his part to make up and coming WWE Superstars look good, and he’s been doing his job well.

Although Big Show may be a little bit older now, he’s still got a lot to give, and he’s done a good job building up the next generation of stars.

Show recently returned on Raw, but he’s been off TV for several months now. Not because he was injured, but because his absence meant more TV time for up and coming stars. But now Big Show is back, and it should be interesting to see who WWE pairs him up with moving forward.


#4 – His Impressive Resume

big show
Photo: WWE

Whether you like it or not, Big Show has won quite a few titles throughout his wrestling career. Big Show is the only man to have held the WWE, WCW and ECW World Titles, and he’s also a former IC Champion, US Champion, Hardcore Champion and Tag Team Champion.

Show has won his fair share of championship gold, and he’s also main evented WrestleMania, along with many other pay-per-views throughout his career.

When it comes to Big Show’s resume, he’s worked with the biggest names in the business, and by doing that he also became one of the biggest names in the business, both literally and figuratively.


#3 – His Longevity

big show
Photo: WWE

Over the past few years fans have made it a point to chant “please retire” at Big Show, and there’s no denying that he’s been around for a long time. But Big Show is a once in a lifetime athlete, and he likely doesn’t have too much time life, so it’s probably best to just enjoy his matches while he’s still here.

Throughout the course of his career Big Show has been able to reinvent himself several times, and he’s worked all throughout the card. He’s shown that no job is too small for him, and he’s even managed to transition into the tag team division when needed.

Most wrestlers don’t ever make it to the top of the industry, but the Big Show has been a top name for over 20 years now, and although his career will likely be coming to an end sooner than later, it’s not over yet.


#2 – He Can Play Any Role

big show
Photo: WWE

Wrestling fans often like to joke about how Big Show switches from heel to face far too often, and there’s no denying that at this point, the turns have gotten out of control. Although it’s been hard to keep up with Show’s during this stage of is career, he has had successful heel and face turns over the years.

When used right, Show can be the dominant heel that he’s meant to be. If you look back to some of his work from the Ruthless Aggression Era, and even his ECW World Championship reign, it’s clear to see that when WWE booked him to be an unbeatable giant, he took the ball and ran with it.

However, Show has also proven to be a diverse performer over the years. He can do comedy, he can impersonate the gimmicks of other WWE Superstars, he can play a sympathetic face, and as we’ve seen many times, he can also break down into tears at any second.

Although it’s easy to take him for granted at this stage of his career, Show is the type of performer who easily can go from midcard star, to main eventer with just a few weeks of decent booking.


#1 – His Size

big show
Photo: WWE

It should go without saying, but Big Show’s size is astonishing. An athlete his size shouldn’t be able to move the way he does, but Big Show pulls it off with ease. Wrestlers the size of Big Show don’t come along everyday, and he’s been around for so long that people seem to forget just how impressive his size actually is.

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  1. Hell yeah. The people saying please retire are stupid idioits and probably under 25 age range. Show is a once in a history kind of guy.