ric flair

It’s been a while since fans have seen Big Show on Raw, but the former WWE World Champion wrestled in the first match of the show this week, and he took on Seth Rollins. Seth kicked off Raw with a promo, and he was interrupted by WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens. The champ announced that he talked to Mick Foley, and he revealed that a match had been made for Seth Rollins, and he introduced Seth’s opponent who turned out to be Big Show.

Big Show seemed to be on good terms with Kevin Owens, but during the match Kevin Owens got up on the apron and started ordering Big Show around. Show didn’t like that very much, so he chokeslammed Owens, then walked out, allowing Seth Rollins to get the count out victory.

Show wasn’t the only star to return on Monday Night Raw. It was recently reported that Ric Flair has signed a new contract with WWE, and that he will be a regular on TV going forward. Ric Flair appeared on Raw this week, and he arrived in a limo, which he generously handed off to Enzo Amore.

Later in the show, Charlotte made her way to the ring to cut a promo, and she said that she made a huge mistake when she fired Ric Flair a few months ago. She told the crowd that she asked Ric Flair to show up on Raw so she could give him a heartfelt apology, then she called him to the ring.

Charlotte apologized to Ric Flair, then slapped him in the face. Sasha Banks then made her way down to the ring, but Charlotte got the upper hand.

Charlotte then destroyed Sasha Banks outside the ring, then she rolled Sasha’s body back in the ring, and taunted Ric Flair by telling him that Sasha is his trophy as the show went off the air.