Since Bubba Ray made an appearance the at 2015 Royal Rumble everyone’s been buzzing about a possible WWE return for The Dudley Boyz. If WWE did decide to bring the team back we think it would be a great thing for the tag team division and the fans. Here are 4 reasons why bringing The Dudley Boyz back is best for business.


#4 – The Dudley Boyz Can Still Go


Bubba Ray and Devon have been at this for a long time now but it could be argued that over the past few years they’ve been in the best shape of their careers. Both of them are still able to wrestle at a main event level and if anything they’ve only become better story tellers as time has passed. The work they did last summer during the tag team series with The Wolves and The Hardys gave the fans some of the best tag team matches in recent years. The Dudley Boyz aren’t afraid to pull out all the stops and it makes for some very entertaining television.



#3 – Working With Veterans Helps Newer Teams


WWE is currently trying to transition from the present into the future by building new stars. In most divisions this is done by using experienced veterans to help the new guys get better and although there are some great teams in the division right now, there aren’t any veterans. Last year when the New Age Outlaws returned to feud with The Usos it worked like a charm and The Usos were as over with the fans as they could possibly be. It takes a veteran team to help make a new team, and the up and coming teams that are trying to get to the next level need competition that can make them look legitimate.



#2 – The Fans Want It


It’s been a few months since Bubba Ray made an appearance in the 2015 Royal Rumble and fans are still talking about it. The Dudley Boyz are a legendary team that resonates with several different generations of wrestling fans. This team has earned the respect and adoration of fans all across the world and most people¬†want to see them get another run in the WWE. Bringing them back would result in one of the biggest pops in recent memory.



#1 – The Division Needs Star Power


Every division of WWE currently has stars that are very marketable. The second tier championship division is currently being occupied by John Cena and Daniel Bryan. The WWE Championship division always has an influx of stars such as Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton and others. The WWE Divas division even has Paige who’s quickly becoming a pretty big star in her own right. But the WWE tag team division is missing that little spark.

The Usos, Kidd and Cesaro and others are all stars but they’re not household names yet. The Dudley Boyz are. Working with a team that has a huge fan following and pop culture crossover appeal could do wonders to help increase the name value of younger teams.


As you can see there’s a lot that The Dudley Boyz could do to help the WWE tag team division. What do you think, would you like to see them return?