Beyond the five hours of weekly programming between Raw and Smackdown Live, one would think that it would be easy to keep dozens of storylines moving forward each week. While those five hours — which do not factor in pay-per-views, WWE Network original programming, NXT or YouTube exclusives — may sound like a lot of time, it is not always easy for WWE’s creative team to get all of the WWE Superstars on-screen each week.

Here are 15 WWE Superstars who seem to be a bit lost in the shuffle as of late:

Luke Harper – Leading up to Wrestlemania, Luke Harper seemed to be on the path to becoming a World Champion. Lately, Harper — who appears to be in the best shape of his entire career — has not been used on television much. A shame, to say the least.

Erick Rowan – When I think of Luke Harper, odds are that I also think of Erick Rowan as the two often tagged together during their Wyatt Family heyday. Furthermore, the two are among the bigger guys on the current WWE roster. Rowan was last seen tagging with Aiden English on the live event circuit, but he hasn’t been seen on TV in a while.

Rhyno – Rhyno was a tag team champion with Heath Slater, and the two often teased a break-up. We haven’t seen much of Rhyno lately, unfortunately, and it is unclear whether he and Slater are still considered a team.

The Shining Stars – Speaking of tag teams, Primo and Epico have not been used too frequently in the last few months. While the Shining Stars gimmick did not take off as WWE creative likely had hoped for, these are two proven, reliable, respectable in-ring workers. In addition, it’s not like WWE is swimming in Spanish-speaking talent.

The Ascension – Breezango involvement aside, The Ascension have not been used much beyond enhancement matches. Arguably two of the largest enhancement wrestlers ever seen in WWE, eh? Probably the most dominant tag team in NXT history, which makes this even more of a head-scratcher.

James Ellsworth – The 30-day suspension of James Ellsworth was a big deal on Smackdown Live, but it’s finally over as Ellsworth made his return last weekI suppose we are all waiting to see what new trouble the former Jimmy Dream can start up.

Tye Dillinger – Tye Dillinger’s main roster call-up made a lot of long-time NXT fans very happy. From what I recall, Dillinger is without a current storyline. Not only should that be remedied, but more “10” merchandise would do the company good.

Dolph Ziggler – A former World Heavyweight Champion, yet we have not seen much of Dolph Ziggler since his feud with Shinsuke Nakamura. Ziggler can make anyone look great in a match, so logistics aside, there is no reason to keep him off-camera.

Zack Ryder – Since coming back from his injury, The Hype Bros were reunited. This is a bit confusing when considering the big deal that was made over Mojo Rawley winning the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at this year’s Wrestlemania. It is unclear if The Hype Bros are intended to be a long-term tag team, but the duo ought to be pushed back into the title picture soon.

Darren Young – Around the time Zack Ryder got hurt, Darren Young also suffered an injury. The “Make Darren Young Great Again” program disappeared along with Bob Backlund’s on-screen appearances, unfortunately. But if recent social media posts are to be believed, Young is currently in the best shape of his life.

Alicia Fox – Alicia Fox was smartly used within 205 Live feuds, and featured on Raw. Since then she has not been used regularly in matches. This is a former division champion we’re talking about.

Dana Brooke – Dana Brooke has been used in an enhancement spot or two as of late, but we never got that Charlotte break-up pay-off that had been anticipated. In turn, I don’t recall a reason as to why Dana had one of Ric Flair’s robes at her disposal.

Summer Rae – Summer Rae has been out of action for quite some time, initially related to an injury that has since been remedied. So…let’s make Summer Rae great again?