big cass

When Big Cass appeared in Boston on the Raw before SummerSlam he had an intense amount of heat. He was forced to stop and start his promo many times and the boos only grew with each restart.

Dave Meltzer recently talked about all of the heat Big Cass was able to garner on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio where Dave mentioned how this entire bit was most likely scripted and the crowd just played into the hands of simple psychology.

“Yeah, well [Big Cass] was doing tricks,” Meltzer explained. “I mean it wasn’t like he came out and had tremendous heat. He did the thing where he starts and he pauses and every time he started and paused it made the people boo him louder and louder and louder so in the end — yeah he got tremendous heat.”

“But I thought it was really clever in the way it was done,” Meltzer continued. “And I mean you can tell because when Enzo came out, Enzo did his promo. So, it’s like it’s not like the idea like… it made it look like Cass was stopping and starting because there was so much heat he couldn’t keep going — which of course you can always keep going. The idea was he was gonna stop then start so that idea was scripted just exactly to do just that. Because when Enzo came out his whole big line was — basically calling attention to the stopping and the starting of the whole thing.”

A pro wrestling show is sometimes planned more than most fans could realize. The fact is WWE officials have been booking pro wrestling for a long time and have conducted many social experiments in the past. If you thought Big Cass had a lot of heat on him, then you were correct. But it had more to do with a simple mass manipulation tactic than how the Boston crowd might have actually felt before Big Cass’ entrance music started.

If you use any portion of the quotes in this article please credit Wrestling Observer Radio with a H/T to Still Real To Us for the transcription