You can’t be a WWE superstar if you don’t have guts. WWE superstars are known to take things to the limit when they want to steal the show and every performer on this list does just that. There have been many dangerous falls in WWE history and it would be impossible to highlight them all. We decided to put together a list that looks at 10 of our favorite falls in WWE history. They’re fun to watch but we’re warning you now, this list isn’t for the weak at heart.


#10 – Shawn Michaels Moonsault WrestleMania 24

About 9 times out of 10, Shawn Michaels has a picture perfect moonsault and at WrestleMania 24 it looked better than ever. Shawn did his springboard moonsault in an attempt to hit Ric Flair but unfortunately for Shawn, Ric moved out of the way. The result is Shawn hitting the table with extreme force and if you listen close you might actually hear a few of his ribs break.



#9 – Terry Funk And Cactus Jack In The Dumpster

Mick Foley is crazy, Terry Funk is crazy as well, put them together and things just get reckless. Mick Foley does an elbow drop from the Titantron into a dumpster and that’s dangerous enough, but it gets worse. The New Age Outlaws then closed both of them in the dumpster and pushed it off the stage. Ouch!



#8 – The Undertaker Vs. Edge TLC Match At Extreme Rules 2008

This match is actually one big compilation of dangerous falls but the worst one has to be the one that ended the match. With 4 tables stacked on top of each other outside of the ring, Edge pushes Undertaker off the ladder through the outside and sends him crashing through all 4. The Undertaker and Edge constantly tried to raise the bar in this feud but during this match we wished they would just chill out for the sake of their own health.



#7 – Jeff Hardy Leg Drops Edge Through A Ladder

Jeff Hardy is no stranger to danger and at WrestleMania 23, he wanted his WrestleMania moment. He certainly got it when he stood high atop a ladder in the ring and hit a leg drop on Edge who was laying on a ladder that was balanced between the ring apron and the security barrier outside. The result is one of the most painful looking bumps in WWE history.



#6 – Shane McMahon Leaps Off The Hell In A Cell At WrestleMania 32

Everybody knows that Shane McMahon is crazy and that’s part of the reason why fans were so thrilled to see him return in 2016. Shane faced off against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32 and when it was announced that the match would take place inside Hell in a Cell, everyone knew that Shane McMahon would try to pull off a big stunt. Shane of course didn’t disappoint as he climbed to the top of the cage and jumped off only to crash through an empty announce table below. He didn’t win the match, but Shane added another epic stunt to his already impressive list of career highlights.



#5 – Jeff Hardy Jumps Off The Titantron

Back in 2008 Jeff Hardy was in the middle of a heated rivalry with Randy Orton. Randy had injured Jeff’s brother Matt which Jeff wasn’t too happy about. Jeff got his revenge on Randy by climbing high up the Titantron and hitting his signature Swanton Bomb on Randy who was knocked out below. It’s an amazing leap of faith that will be talked about for years to come.



#4 – Mick Foley Goes Through A Flaming Table

Taking a big fall is one thing but it’s a whole other kind of disaster when you add fire to the mix. During their infamous match at WrestleMania 22 Edge and Mick Foley took each other to the limit, but they took the whole show to another level when Edge speared Mick Foley through a flaming table. Falling off the apron through a table looks painful but falling off the apron through a flaming table just looks like something we would never want to experience.



#3 – Shane McMahon Falls Off The Titantron

Shane McMahon makes another appearance on this list as we highlight his infamous match with Steve Blackman. Shane tried to climb the Titantron to get away from Blackman but that didn’t work out so well. Blackman followed him all the way to the top and attacked him with a Kendo Stick then sent him falling to the floor. This death defying fall is quite the site to see.



#2 – Shane McMahon Elbow Drop From The Titantron

Shane McMahon makes his final appearance on the list and it’s one hell of a way to go out. Instead of falling, this time Shane leaps off the Titantron in an attempt to hit an elbow drop of The Big Show. He succeeds but both of these men look to be a little worse off after the stunt.



#1 – Mick Foley: Hell In A Cell

This whole match is pretty tough to watch. It’s widely remembered as one of the most brutal matches in WWE history but there are two falls in particular that look extremely painful. First Mick Foley gets thrown off the top of the cell and goes crashing through the announce table below. As if that wasn’t bad enough he climbs back on to the top of the cage and gets chokeslammed through the top off the cage then goes crashing down to the ring below. We can probably just stop there because, who hasn’t seen this match?