The Dudley Boyz are a legendary tag team, and in the summer of 2015 they made their long awaited return to WWE. Fans were thrilled to see them join the WWE roster once again, and they immediately got down to business by going after the Tag Team Titles and hitting anyone who got in their way with a 3D. The 3D has become one of the most iconic tag team finishers of all time, and Sheamus and Cesaro recently decided to borrow the maneuver when they used it on Jeff Hardy at a WWE live event in Brisbane.

The Dudley Boyz aren’t working together as a team at the moment, because Bubba Ray is doing his thing in Ring of Honor, and D-Von is enjoying his job working as an agent backstage for WWE.

D-Von was apparently in the house for the WWE live event in Brisbane, and he gave Sheamus and Cesaro his seal of approval after he witnessed the 3D.

Even though D-Von was cool with Sheamus and Cesaro using the move, Bubba Ray had a very different reaction as he posted a gif of himself making an angry face in response to the video.

Cesaro replied with a gif of himself shrugging, and Bubba Ray gave him the thumbs down.

The conversation apparently made Will Ospreay slightly uncomfortable as he chimed in with the following:

It’s interesting to see the two different reactions from The Dudleys, and it’s understandable that Bubba Ray isn’t all that supportive of other people using the move, but it seems likely that this was more of an homage rather than something Sheamus and Cesaro will be doing on a regular basis.