alexa bliss

Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Flair are considered by many to be two of the brightest stars in the WWE women’s division. Alexa Bliss is the current Raw Women’s Champion, and Charlotte Flair has won her fair share of titles throughout her career so far, but one wrestling personality isn’t impressed by either WWE Superstar.

John Cena Sr. recently talked about the state of the WWE women’s division, and he was asked about some recent comments Sasha Banks made where she criticized the lack of direction for her character and the fact that WWE often drops storylines. Cena showed support for Sasha Banks, but he made it clear that he’s not impressed by Alexa Bliss or Charlotte Flair.

“You know what, if you’ve got a performer that’s going to make you money, Daniel Bryan was very thin and frail too,” Cena said via Sportskeeda. “But if she has got what it takes to make it work, then use it while you have it. I’m not a fan of Charlotte Flair. I’ll be right upfront. Alexa Bliss, what’s she got? The looks and the body, that’s about it. You know what? I’m going to stop before I get myself in trouble. Natalya is a great kid, I think Sasha is a great performer, it’s too bad Bayley is out.”

John Cena Sr. also noted that if Sasha is unhappy she should go directly to Vince, Triple H or Stephanie and voice her concerns, and he praised the former Raw Women’s Champion while saying that she’s someone who can make the company money.

“She [Sasha] is a money maker and she’s willing to get out and break her a**. Go with it while you can”

Do you agree with what John Cena Sr. had to say, yes or no? Sound off in the comments below.

You can check out the full interview below.


  1. Cena Sr should shut up lol. Why does everyone ride Sasha’s d**k? She’s not that good but everyone praises her. Get over it John.

    • The reason is back when she was in the Indys he booked her a lot. It all makes sense. If Vince thought that much of her then Alexa and Charlotte wouldn’t be the face of the company period.

  2. Alexa has promo ability that no female before her has had, plus she’s gorgeous. Charlotte can work in ring and has size and genetics on her side. What does Sasha have? Nothing. He promos are god awful, her ring work is botch after botch, and she’s small, but not small enough to be adorable like Alexa and Kairi.
    Add on the fact that she’s bitchy to the fans, and you have somebody who’s expendable. She’s never going to be pushed the way she thinks she should be, because she’s just not that good. And if she opens her mouth to Vince, again, she expendable. She’ll be future endeavored.

  3. So Cena Sr is a expert now in wrestling since his son? Really Sr.? Sasha will always have heat with the fans like Orton does. Fans pay your salary don’t forget that sasha. Alexa has promo skills needs a little more moves but for a woman of her size like Sane have to bust their butts to get there. Flair will be ok she needs promo work but that’s it. And for those that don’t know. Orton always has had heat with fans in the arena and out of it. Orton was seen on TV flipping a fan off and he has spat on a fan outside the arena. Don’t agree with fans posting up at airport or hotel but the arena as you walk in is more like their meet and great, I’ve met RVD this way. If you treat the stars nice they will return the favor, heckle them like Orton gets then you get what you deserve. Crazed fans sometimes forget they play a character on tv. Orton is that way off camera bc crazed fans made him that way

  4. I completely agree with Cena’s father. Thought it was just me. I wonder what Cena thinks of Sasha. Probably that she’s waaaay better than the other two.

  5. I do think Charlotte has what it takes, but I agree that I haven’t seen anything in Bliss or Bayley at all. I don’t get why they keep putting them over. I do think Banks and Lynch are the better duo. What I don’t get is how long they can keep Nia Jax down. It’s an insult to the fans that she hasn’t powered her way to a belt. Natalie is a good soldier but she is about done. Rousey will be there soon. If she can pull it off it could be fun. If not then it may be time to go back to the glamor characters. Are the Bellas ever coming back?

  6. Vince want homegrown talent to be a face of wwe/division. Charlotte and alexa are homegrown talent. I think people can understand charlotte. But why alexa too? Because alexa doesn’t have entitlement like ric flair daughter and they know that alexa will not interested/run away to wrestling in the indies.

    Alexa is good performer. I think every aspect of wrestler except ring work, she atleast at top 3. She just need to be better in the ring. That’s it.

    Sasha should be thankful that she doesn’t get sideline like becky,emma,mickie,etc. Vince understand/know her popularity. She will get long reign during heel run.

    This year, wwe push their homegrown talent like alexa, carmella, naomi,braun,corbin and big cass. Homeground talent=priority