The Singh Brothers were riding high as a part of the WWE roster after they were first signed to the company. They had been told numerous times before how they’ll never make it in WWE due to their smaller size, but they were able to find a way.

Even though they were excited about this new opportunity they told each other on the way that even if their journey stopped at that point, at least they made it to WWE. They were still known as The Bollywood Boyz at that juncture as well, a dancing and smiling babyface team.

After competing in the Cruiserweight Classic the two debuted on 205 Live and even had a nice promo package dedicated to them as a team. But it wasn’t long after that when Gurv and Harv (Samir and Sanil) were told they had been reassigned back to the WWE Performance Center.

As they spoke to Chris Jericho on Talk is Jericho the two revealed they were crushed by this news. It seemed like a demotion to them, but in time they realized going back to the WWE Performance Center was the best thing that ever could have happened for their career.

Not only did they receive priceless advice from coach Robbie Brookside about in-ring psychology but Shawn Michaels was just starting in NXT at the time as well. It turns out The Heartbreak Kid gave them some of the most valuable advice they could have ever hoped to receive.

“I think a big thing actually, we realized we needed to turn heel,” Harv (Samir) said. “Because the whole Bollywood Boyz thing was so babyface — so 1980’s. Me and Gurv (Sunil) were going back and forth and Shawn Michaels had just started at NXT and watched one of our PC Live matches and he pulled up aside and was like, ‘you guys need to go heel.’ He’s like, ‘if you’re gonna stay a babyface you’re dead in the water.”

“He said ‘I see what you guys are trying to do it was like what Marty (Jannetty) and I were doing back in the day. But it worked in the 90’s — it’s not gonna work in today’s wrestling,'” Gurv interjected.

It’s a good thing they embraced their darker side because it’s paid off very well for The Singh Brothers at this point.

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