At Elimination Chamber, Cody Rhodes challenge The Rock to a one on one match. This week on Friday Night SmackDown, The Rock responded to Cody’s challenge and simply said no.

The Great One said that The Bloodline laughed about Cody’s challenge, but now they have a counter offer for Cody Rhodes. Rock called Seth Rollins a walking clown emoji and then issued a challenge for a tag team match on night one.

The Rock said it will be Rock & Roman vs. Seth & Cody, but it won’t be a regular tag team match. He added that if Cody Rhodes is able to beat him and Roman on night one then The Bloodline will be barred from ringside during his title match on night two.

After that The Rock said that if he and Roman win on night one then it will be Bloodline rules on night two which means The Bloodline can do whatever they want the next night during the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match. Rock said that if he wants to he will be able to hit Cody with a steel chair and there’s nothing Cody can do about it.

The Great One told Cody to meet him and Roman next week on SmackDown and answer the challenge. He said if Cody doesn’t answer the challenge then he will make sure that he does everything in his power to make sure Cody doesn’t win the title. Rock said he sits on the board which means he’s Cody’s boss, so nobody can stop him.

Rock went to hit his “if ya smell” catchphrase, but Roman stopped him then extended his hand as Paul Heyman handed him the mic. Roman said he will do anything for his family. However, he needs one thing from The Rock. He then told The Rock to acknowledge him. The Rock then acknowledged Roman Reigns as his Tribal Chief then the fans responded by chanting “you sold out.” The Great One called them idiots as he said that he and Roman are family, and they will do anything for family. He started again with “if ya smell,” but paused and handed the mic to Roman who ended it with “what The Bloodline is cooking.”