Dash Wilder is one-half of The Revival. In case you haven’t heard, The Revival are Top Guys who dominated NXT and now they’ve moved on to Monday Night Raw. There is just one problem. While they were doing their goodbye tour with NXT, Dash Wilder suffered a broken jaw.

They were just starting to establish a name for themselves on Monday nights when Dash went down with an injury. It was awful timing, to say the least. Fans were just getting used to the Monday Night Revival.

Now Dash is sitting at home with a broken jaw. He’s staying as active as he can. He’s still hitting the gym and on Twitter. But we’re willing to bet Dash Wilder misses running that mouth on the microphone and taking out opponents in the ring.

Scott Dawson recently commented about a daily habit of his. He’s apparently always either drinking coffee or chewing gum. Dash Wilder commented on the gum chewing part because he’s still on a diet of soft foods due to his wired jaw.

It will only be a matter of time until Dash Wilder is out of the mouth cage he’s in and ready to come back. But until then, he must suffer through his diet of soft foods. Having a wired jaw must really suck.

However, Dash is making the best of his current situation. He’s getting creative with his food and not really letting it change his usual diet, even if he wants pizza. Wilder just has to mix in some sauce to add moisture so it blends properly. It looks like he uses hot sauce. Yum.

It might be disgusting to imagine blending pizza with hot sauce and eating Blaze Pizza paste. But that’s probably just because it doesn’t taste all that good. We’re sure Dash Wilder has written a list of all the food he plans on eating as soon as his jaw isn’t wired shut. One of the items on that list is definitely going to be to chew up the competition on Raw. Because once he’s healed, the Top Guys will be ready to take over.