For years Miro was known to wrestling fans as Rusev during his WWE run, but back in April his run with the company came to an end when he was released.

In the months that followed Miro downplayed his future in professional wrestling, but Impact seemingly teased him for their Slammiversary PPV when they flashed a Bulgarian flag in a promo video for the event.

Miro didn’t end up appearing at the event, and during a recent Twitch stream he confirmed they reached out, but he simply wasn’t interested in going to Impact.

“It had nothing to do with COVID. I just didn’t want to go to Impact. They were very kind, they reached out. I just needed some time.”

After laying low for a little while Miro made his surprise debut last week on AEW Dynamite as The Best Man.

Chris Jericho recently revealed some interesting details about The Best Man gimmick Miro will be using in AEW, and you can get more on that here.