Recently there has been a lot of talk about KENTA and the possibility that he will be or has already signed with WWE. Some fans may already be familiar with KENTA and others may be hearing his name for the first time. We figured we would post a match involving him and a current superstar as a way for fans to get acquainted with him.

Daniel Bryan (who was Bryan Danielson at the time) traveled across the world to compete in Pro Wrestling NOAH and face KENTA in a match for the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship a few years back and the result was a classic contest. You can immediately notice that there’s a completely different atmosphere compared to what a lot of WWE fans are used to. Instead of the crowd being loud and chanting for most of the show, they are very quiet as they’re focused on the match.

This match is a great showcase of what KENTA can do and also how Daniel Bryan helped for his style. You’ll notice a lot of things that KENTA does which Bryan is doing today.