John Cena is an advertising machine. He is not only one of the biggest drawing names in WWE history, but he is also a commercial goldmine. Cena is constantly getting some of the best gigs and there is a very good reason why. Because people love him.

Who knows how far Cena’s star will truly rise in Hollywood because he’s still young enough to be doing his thing on the silver screen long after he would ever want to take bumps in a wrestling ring. After all, it’s much easier to save the world when you can call a stuntman every time you need to take some damage.

Cricket Wireless has been doing commercials with John Cena for a while but this one takes the cake. Cena is a huge inspiration to people all over the world and a few of his fans wanted to let him know just how much he’s meant to them.

The production crew for this commercial simply had John Cena come in and read a bunch of thank you notes for the camera. Each letter was emotional and talked about how John Cena inspired them to make it through life’s trials and tribulations.

Big Match John read every letter and he was getting more and more into it. Finally, he watched a video message from a young boy who credited John Cena’s “never give up” mantra for helping his mother get through a cancer crisis. When the video was over, the little boy came busting through the set to surprise John as Cena burst into tears.

After that, each person who wrote letters to John came out to thank their hero personally leaving Super Cena’s face full of emotion in a way unlike we’ve ever seen him before. This commercial got very real and is a testament to how much of a difference WWE Superstars, especially John Cena can make in their fans’ lives.