The big screen at a live pro wrestling show is sometimes a huge experience enhancer for the fans. It plays video packages, trivia, entrance themes, and live shots of the action in the ring. It’s also helpful for fans with less than amazing seats to get a closer look at the action in front of them. However, sometimes it can be a distraction to not only fans, but also the talent in the ring.

Hurricane Helms has been part of some amazing moments in the business and is a creative mind any company would be lucky to have. He’s seen a lot in his career, but now he seems to be taking it as easy as he can on the farm which is still very hard work.

Helms was actually a part of Lance Storm’s WCW debut as the two recently remembered an amusing encounter in the ring on Killing The Town. Helms went on to admit something rather interesting as well. If you don’t think the wrestlers look at the big screen during a match, you’re wrong. They might have the best view in the building of it. In fact, they can sometimes use it to their advantage.

“I remember the debut part,” Helms said to Storm about their encounter together. “I don’t really recall meeting you during the day or anything like that or going over what we were supposed to do. But I know you came in and dropkicked me in the back of the head and I don’t know if there are any pictures of it but the only one I’ve seen is I’m clearly looking at that Video Tron going, ‘oh sh-t here it comes.'”

Lance Storm said he doesn’t remember meeting Helms either but he does remember John Laurinaitis kayfabing him all night by saying he was just there to hang out and it turned out he was the agent in Storm’s segment. “The first interaction I remember having with you is a springboard dropkick to the back of the head,” Storm said to Hurricane Helms.

“That big screen would distract me,” Helms said. “I would catch myself looking at it a lot during my matches — especially when I was Hurricane. That bright green would flash by and it would catch my eye it was actually really a distraction for me. But in that particular instance [looking at the big screen before Storm’s dropkick] I was definitely cheating.”

Hurricane said he had never worked with Storm before so he didn’t know what kind of dropkick Lance had and where it would land as he said: “I didn’t know if you were gonna kick my brain out the back of my head, so I cheated.”

So there you go, the next time the camera catches a wrestler looking at the big screen that might be exactly what they’re doing. Or they could just be checking themselves out on camera.


If you use the quotes in this article please credit Killing The Town With Storm And Cyrus with a H/T to Still Real To Us for the transcription