kurt angle

Kurt Angle made his return to WWE earlier this year, and he’s now the Raw General Manager and a WWE Hall of Famer. Angle got his start in the professional wrestling business in the 90s, and he quickly rose to the top of the industry.

Some of the top stars in the WWE took Kurt under their wing and taught him how to be a star, and he’s lucky that they did. However, there was a point where Kurt Angle considered signing with WCW, but Ric Flair told him that it would be a better idea to sign with WWE because Vince McMahon would know how to use him.

“Ric was the guy that I got advice from before I started in the business,” Kurt Angle told Newsday. “He’s the one that redirected me from [World Championship Wrestling] to WWE, told me Vince McMahon would know what to do with me, and said not to go to WCW.”

It turns out that Ric Flair’s advice proved to be quite valuable to Kurt Angle, and Flair also gave him some advice that he took to heart while performing in the ring.

“But what I learned from Ric was how to give to the business and not take. He always made sure his opponent looked better than he did. What was important to him was the match, not himself, and I took that advice and made sure when I performed in the ring I made my opponent looked better than me, and I made sure it was the best match I could possibly make it. He was a very giving wrestler, and I did the same because of Ric Flair.”

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