If you were a fan of WWE anytime in the past 32 years and enjoyed practically any music heard as an entrance song then you are probably a fan of Jim Johnston even though you might not realize it. This man behind the curtain was seldom seen and has only been featured in extremely rare footage which had been classified as “backstage footage” but he’s been a huge part of so many Superstars it’s really astounding. After all, a character’s first impression is often their entrance music.

One of Johnston’s most famous appearances is his cameo in the “Beyond The Mat” documentary where he was featured playing Vader’s theme song. But it seems like WWE is losing a long-time employee and valued member of the crew because Jim Johnston and WWE have parted ways.

CF0$ has become WWE’s resident house band since 2012 creating most of the newer theme songs for wrestlers WWE has on the roster today including Nakamura, Bobby Roode, Sasha Banks, Enzo Amore, and the list goes on to even Kane recently receiving a CFO$ remix.

This recent Kane entrance music reboot might lend weight to reports coming from Themers United who covers WWE theme music-related news and is trying to get unreleased Jim Johnston music made available to the public.

According to this report Johnston was forced out of the company and plans are to replace his previous creations with newer versions. Apparently, Johnston still had control of some of WWE’s creative output and Johnston’s exit has been the wish of Neil Lawl, John Alicastro, and Michael Laurl (who comprise CFO$) for quite a while now.

If this report is correct then fans should expect even more changes to classic WWE theme songs that had Jim Johnston’s creative input. These themes include anyone from HBK to Kurt Angle.

There seems to have been a changing of the guard in WWE’s musical department but in all honesty, it might not be totally felt on WWE television due to the fact that so many current WWE Superstars are using music created by WWE’s new in-house band CFO$. But we’re sure to notice some changes if they indeed take place.

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