enzo amore

Earlier this year Enzo Amore was released from WWE after a woman publicly accused him of sexual assault, but the case has since been closed due to insufficient evidence.

The release couldn’t have come at a worse time for Enzo, because he was originally set to play a major role in WWE’s Raw 25th anniversary show.

Amore recently appeared on the Steve Austin Show, and he opened up about what was planned for him at Raw 25. According to Enzo, he was supposed to lost the Cruiserweight Title to Ted DiBiase in a poker game, then wrestle Goldust in a singles match where he would have been put through a table by The Dudleys after.

Later in the night Nia Jax would have won his title back for him, but the show had to be rewritten due to his release.

“I was talking to you guys, and then I go on and do rehearsals with Goldust as me and Goldust have a match on Raw 25, and then The Dudleys will come out and will put me through a table, and they have all this planned,” Enzo said via Wrestling Inc. “I am going to lose my title to Ted Dibiase and the APA in their poker game backstage with the Million Dollar Man, a poker game thread that starts Raw 25 and has all the veterans that are coming in and out of this poker game throughout the entire thread of Raw 25 and I lose my title to Ted Dibiase. Then, I go out to the ring with no title and I wrestle Goldust, meanwhile, Dusty Rhodes, my mentor and Raw 25, I’m wrestling Goldust one on one, like, are you kidding me? Then, the Dudley Boys are going to come out? It’s the best day of my life. Then, I come back, Nia Jax wins my title back for me because I lose it playing poker. She gives my title back to me at the end of the night because she ends up winning the title back for me. I had the longest thread on Raw 25. I was going to be on the show being featured more than any of them, and they had to rewrite that whole entire show at what, 5:30, 6pm. “