hall of fame

The 2017 WWE Hall Of Fame was everything we could have ever hoped for. It should too because it lasted nearly four hours, but it didn’t seem like it. It was full of amazing highlights that left us in stitches and remembering the past fondly. This year’s WWE Hall Of Fame was also hopefully the beginning of a few new relationships with the company.

Eric Bischoff’s introduction of Diamond Dallas Page was astute and timely. There were plenty of reference to The American Dream Dusty Rhodes, and we loved that.

Jim Cornette’s introduction of the Rock n’ Roll Express was outstanding. We actually wrote an entire article about how epic it was. Corney opened the door wide open for the Rock n’ Roll Express to give the best Hall Of Fame speech possible. And hopefully, kicked the door open for himself to come back to WWE’s landscape once more.

There was a fantastic highlight during Beth Phoenix’s speech where she finally started addressing the people who influenced her throughout her career. She mentioned several former WWE divas that were in attendance. Eve Torres looked like she was going to cry when Phoenix mentioned her.

Then Phoenix got to her husband, fellow WWE Hall Of Famer Edge. There was an amazing moment as Tony Chimel came out and interrupted her when she began to talk about Edge. He gave his legendary intro for The Rated R Superstar and the arena popped huge. Edge’s music began to ring out and he received a standing ovation as he just sat there in near shock that they were making this moment all about him during his wife’s speech while his daughter, Lyric sat on his lap. It was amazing.

The headliner of the night, Kurt Angle brought the house down. The crowd chanted, “one more match,” but he is capable of so much more than that. It’s obvious how remembered and loved he is. It’s just a shame WWE couldn’t show highlights of the last ten years of his career. But Kurt Angle is home now, and he started his speech by proclaiming so.

The Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle concluded his speech with a greatest hits medley so to speak. He sang his renditions of “Jimmy Cracked Corn” and “Sexy Kurt” but topped it off by drinking two pints of milk like he did in his iconic milk truck segment so long ago. It was an amazing moment. We just hope Kurt Angle had a change of clothes backstage.

Teddy Long also did his little dance which we all missed so very, very much. JBL and Ron Simmons told a great story about Teddy Long’s life during their introduction that was both hilarious and touching. It was an amazing WWE Hall Of Fame, that’s for sure.