Jim Cornette didn’t say it during his speech, but we know he wanted to. It was said, but it didn’t happen until the Rock n’ Roll Express came out to start their own speech. But, Jim Cornette appearing on WWE television without Hell freezing over was a miracle. But, boy did he ever show up.

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While inducting the Rock n’ Roll Express into the hallowed halls of the WWE Hall Of Fame, he delivered one of the best speeches we’ve ever heard. It wasn’t just good for a WWE Hall Of Fame induction speech either. It was great for someone with a prestigious doctorate degree.

In a flow like only a wordsmith like Cornette could accomplish he was distinguished sounding, sincere, comical and it was a shoot. He meant every word of it. He told of his history with the Rock n’ Roll express in a way that should be getting The Rock’s attention to produce another movie with WWE Studios about the tale

One of the most remarkable parts of his speech was the fact that was the longest we’ve heard him speak in years without dropping an F-bomb. After all, he’s quite candid in his podcast, “The Cornette Experience.”

During his speech, he made a brilliant comparison to comic book heroes and villains that was both poignant and heartwarming which you can see below. The Midnight Express vs The Rock n Roll Express was a rivalry that lasted nearly three decades and Jim Cornette was there practically every step of the way.

When the Rock n’ Roll Express came out to give their speech they were youthful and just as we remembered them, only older. But they are wiser, and so is Jim Cornette. Who knows if this just might be the first step of getting back in WWE’s good graces or even back on television. The latter would be excellent. Raw does need a GM after all.

Let’s just hope that if it ever happens, it won’t change his podcast. Because we love that freaking podcast.