When news of Nicole Bass’ death broke, it hit us harder than we expected. Most had forgotten about the 6’2 bodybuilder with more achievement in that sport to list in an article without appearing verbose. Nicole was a one-of-a-kind woman who’s talents and personality were greatly underutilized in professional wrestling.

Nicole Bass rose to great polarity while on the Howard Stern pack as a member of his Wack Pack. But, Nicole was different than the rest of her Wack Packers who all shared the same similarity to being sad in one way or nothing. Bass wasn’t sad whatsoever. She was impressive. Her personality was outstanding and Stern loved having her on time and time again. She was game for anything and could roll with the punches.

Nicole Bass later spent time in ECW during the first part of 1998 where she feuded with Tommy Dreamer, Beulah McGillcutty, and Mikey Whipwreck. While Bass was working in ECW, another impressive woman was dominating WWF programming named Joanie Laurer, aka Chyna.

Chyna was a member of D-Generation X and wowing crowds with her magnificant ability. She was also making us roll in laughter playing Abbott to Shawn and Hunter’s Castello.

Vince Russo was very high on Nicole Bass and he really pushed for her to come into the company. Vince McMahon wanted Nicole too, so he signed Bass on. Bruce Prichard said Nicole Bass disappointed in the ring. Paul Heyman actually advised against hiring her, but Vince brought her in any way.

We got a match with Bass against Chyna. Instead, Bass appeared alongside Sable at WrestleMania XV which started a longer program with Debra McMichael. This feud culminated in a mixed-tag where Bass teamed with Val Venis against Jeff Jarrett and Debra at Over The Edge in 1999. Coincidentally, that the same event where Owen Hart tragically died.

Nicole Bass’ WWF run ended suddenly in the middle of a feud with Ivory. She left the company and filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against “The Brooklyn Brawler” Steve Lombardi. The lawsuit was ultimately dismissed in 2003.

Later on in her pro wrestling career, Chyna went on to feud with men and win Intercontinental Gold while making history in the process. But, Nicole Bass’ run with the company wasn’t as illustrious. Unfortunately, Chyna’s time in the WWF ended way too soon as she was wrapped up in a love-triangle with Triple H and the Boss’ daughter. Unfortunately, Chyna is no longer with us either to tell her side of the story.

Nicole Bass was indeed, a multifaceted talent and a wonderful human being to match. Chyna was all of those things coupled with a love of pro wrestling that will never be truly known.

One can only wonder how much money a match with Nicole Bass against Chyna would have brought.  WWE could have booked that match at WrestleMania XV instead of having both women accompany other people to the ring.

Hindsight might be 20/20, but in professional wrestling, it is sometimes much clearer than that. We lost Chyna and Nicole way too soon. The mind reels while considering the full potential that was lost with both of those ladies if things had turned out differently.

One thing is for sure, there very well might be one amazing female wrestling match going on in Heaven right now. Let’s just hope they have Gorilla Monsoon and Lord Alfred Hayes on commentary.