The wrestling landscape has changed significantly over the last few months thanks to the emergence of AEW, and with a possible major TV deal looming in the balance for the upstart promotion, competition is only expected to heat up as the year rolls on.

WWE officials have been trying to lock talents in to longer deals, and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that WWE is offering much bigger money to talents who have deals expiring because they can afford it.

It’s being said that main roster stars who are in the thick of things probably won’t be leaving in great numbers.

There are a few wrestlers who are tight with AEW management, and other talents who want to create a legacy as top stars, and feel that won’t happen for them on the main roster, who have shown interest in the company.

A few wrestlers are said to be leaning toward joining AEW when their deals are up, but others are taking a “wait and see” approach.

WWE is a lock to make money, and the company only seems to be getting rid of people for disciplinary reasons right now, so it’s seen as a solid job for older wrestlers who have families to support.

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