triple h

On Saturday night the Hall of Fame induction ceremony aired live on the WWE Network, and the annual event was headlined by D-Generation X.

During their induction speech, Triple H referenced AEW a few times when he said, “Apparently if you put Executive Vice President in front of anyone’s name it makes them feel important.”

Billy Gunn who works for AEW later made a joke about how Vince McMahon can’t fire him, and Triple H responded with the following: “Vince will buy that little pissant company just to fire you again.”

It’s worth noting that the latest episode of Being The Elite was titled “Pissant” but Triple H’s comments weren’t addressed in the video, and no one from AEW has responded publicly to what was said during the induction speech.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, no one has commented on the speech because they have a deal to not publicly knock WWE.

The mentality is to wish the company well and act like there’s no war, even though everyone involved knows the companies are at war whether they like it or not.