It’s not big secret that Raw hasn’t exactly been bringing in the ratings as of late, and this week the show averaged 1.527 million viewers according to ShowBuzzDaily, which is a new low for the show.

Viewership for this week’s episode was down compared to the 1.737 million viewers who tuned in to watch WWE Monday Night Raw last week.

For this week’s show the first hour drew 1.627 million viewers, followed by the second hour which drew 1.512 million viewers. The third and final hour drew 1.441 million viewers

According to WrestleVotes news of the record low ratings is not sitting well with those in power in WWE. It’s being said that the company is expected to make some reactionary decisions.

“Talking a source just now who said the record low RAW rating news isn’t “sitting well” with those in power. To a point where they expect some reactionary decisions to be made. Time will tell.”

It’s not exactly clear what those decisions will be, but stay tuned for updates.