Wrestlers work their whole career to make an impact on the industry, and while some don’t succeed, others become legends.

A WWE Hall of Fame induction is a perfect way to cap off a legendary career, and there are definitely some stars on the current roster who could be considered for future inductions.

Arn Anderson discussed potential future Hall of Fame inductions on a recent episode of his ARN podcast, and he named AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio as talents who could be inducted someday.

“How is AJ Styles not at the top of the list? Seth Rollins I think’s gotta be on the list. I think Randy Orton, obviously, is on the list. No-brainer, right? How about Rey Mysterio? Got to be. I’m sure I’m gonna leave out a ton of guys that I definitely don’t mean to. For sure those guys, off the top of my head. I’m sorry if I’ve left anybody out.”

Arn also agreed when co-host Conrad Thompson suggested Roman Reigns as a possible inductee someday.

Which current WWE stars do you think deserve to be inducted into the Hall of Fame? Sound off in the comments below.

H/T Sportskeeda