young bucks

When you’re known the world over like The Young Bucks are you learn that popularity can have good and bad sides. Although there are tons of indie workers in the country who might be throwing up a crotch chop and yelling “suck it” The Young Bucks are probably the ones doing it on the biggest stage right now.

WWE obviously noticed this fact and they wanted to do something about it. Apparently, they want to limit who can say “suck it” because that term is property held by Vince McMahon and company. It’s hard to believe such a juvenile action could result in legal action, but that’s what is going on at this point.

The Young Bucks have been issued a cease and desist from WWE concerning their apparent gimmick infringement. WWE doesn’t want them saying “suck it” anymore and they mean business.

Not to ever hold anything back, The Young Bucks have mentioned this cease and desist in public and it doesn’t sound like they’re too happy about it. They covered this topic on a recent episode of their widely popular YouTube show as well.

So the next time you see The Young Bucks perform don’t be surprised if they do something other than a crotch chop before they kick their opponents’ heads off, because the obvious nod to D-Generation X is property of WWE. Luckily they’re not going after them for using superkicks and tombstones too.

But WWE wants to make it very clear who can say “suck it” and you need Vince McMahon’s permission to do so. Therefore, you might want to remember that from now on because nobody wants to get a letter from WWE threatening legal action.

Nick Jackson commented saying WWE took away #FTR, “suck it”, Hangman, and now they’re ruining Christmas too. This probably won’t go very far in negotiating a deal with The Jackson brothers down the line either.