You never know what’s going to happen in the world of WWE and last month the company relaunched NXT as NXT 2.0. The relaunch has shined the light on new stars, and it’s also given other established names such as Mandy Rose a chance to reinvent themselves.

Former SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella recently joined the After The Bell podcast, and she expressed her enthusiasm for NXT 2.0 and Mandy Rose. When Corey Graves brought up how Mandy Rose has made comments about wanting to be respect and seen as more than a pretty face Carmella said “good luck” before explaining how her looks have worked against her in WWE.

“Good luck, because when you’re pretty, that doesn’t happen. That fires me up, it really does. I get so upset when I hear something like that, ‘Because (Mandy) is pretty, and she’s a babe, and she has a great body then she can’t be good in the ring. She just can’t’.

“When I got signed in NXT, I remember Bill Demott said, ‘You’re going to have to work twice as hard as everyone else because you’re pretty’. I remember being like, ‘What?. That’s crazy’. You see all these girls from the past that were gorgeous and these models and all of that, so I was like, that’s crazy to hear from a coach. ‘You’re going to have to work twice as hard because people aren’t going to respect you because of how you look’. And it just blew my mind, and I remembered thinking, ‘Okay, noted and challenge accepted’.

“That’s what I did. I was the last draft pick when I came to SmackDown and I busted my butt and made history left and right. I’ve done amazing things in this business and I’m not sorry for them, I’m not apologizing for that and I’m proud of myself for that. No matter what, I’m never going to get the respect that I deserve because of how I look and that’s just how it is. If I didn’t look like this and I had the same matches and same career, people would be like ‘Carmella is amazing, we love her’. Because I look how I do, I’m not going to get the respect that I deserve.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.