Photo: WWE

* New WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins comes out to kick off the show. Rollins comes out with Kane, Big Show, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble for a promo in the ring but he’s interrupted by Randy Orton. Orton says he’s still owed a title shot and talks trash about The Authority. Kane makes a match – Orton vs. Show.

* Orton vs. Show starts right now. Orton wins by DQ after Kane, Noble and Mercury attack him as he was going for the RKO. Rollins comes in and Orton gets some offense in but Kane chokeslams him. Ryback runs out for the save and Rollins runs off. Ryback takes out Kane, Noble and Mercury.

* Naomi vs. Natalya with The Bella Twins on commentary is next. Naomi gets the win with a DDT finisher.

* Backtage segment with Seth Rollins and Kane. Kane says a title match between Rollins and Randy Orton sounds good for Extreme Rules. Dean Ambrose comes out of Kane’s personal bathroom and Kane makes Ambrose vs. Luke Harper for tonight.

* They show a Roman Reigns interview on the big screen where he talks about WrestleMania 31.

* The Miz comes out and he claps as we see footage of his attack on Damien Sandow from RAW. R-Truth comes out and get have a match. Fans start chanting for Sandow right away. Miz defeats Truth in a quick match. After the match, Sandow runs down and lays Miz out with a Skull Crushing Finale. Sandow puts on Miz’s sunglasses and poses to a pop.

* John Cena comes out to a huge pop. Cena says he will put the united States Title on the line every week through an open challenge. Rusev interrupts and comes out with Lana. Rusev says he didn’t lose at WrestleMania and he should still be champion. Rusev says he will crush Cena at Extreme Rules. Cena fires back and says he will fight Rusev right now. Rusev goes to make a Russian flag drop but nothing happens. Cena then makes an American flag drop and gets a huge pop, no “Cena sucks” chants.

* Luke Harper vs. Dean Ambrose is next. Harper ended up putting Ambrose through the announcer table. Harper then argued with and shoved the EMT’s before leaving. Ambrose was helped to the back.

* Titus O’Neil and Darren Young cut a promo on The New Day on the big screen.

* Sheamus comes out to a huge pop that quickly turns to boos and a “you look stupid” chant. Sheamus embraces it. Daniel Bryan was out next to a huge pop for a non-title match. Bad News Barrett is on commentary. This was a very physical match with heat for Sheamus. Bryan got knocked to the floor and Barrett hit him with a Bullhammer when the referee wasn’t looking. Sheamus won by count out and it looked like Bryan was busted open. Barrett left to boos and Bryan left to a big pop and “yes!” chants as SmackDown ends.