TNA sale rumors have been going around all year, and now the craziest rumor yet has hit the internet. The New York Post is running a story about Billy Corgan’s involvement with TNA, and in the article it’s mentioned that both WWE and ROH are rumored to have made recent bids to purchase the company.

It’s not hard to see why WWE would want to purchase TNA. The company has an extensive tape library, and WWE has had a lot of success with former TNA talents as of late. Former TNA stars such as AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, TJ Perkins and others are all flourishing under the WWE umbrella.

However, any rumors regarding WWE making a move to purchase TNA are unconfirmed, and should probably be taken with a grain of salt for now.

Back in 2011 Vince McMahon was asked by a WWE shareholder if he would ever purchase TNA, and he simply said “Maybe.”

You can check out a clip below.

According to Billy Corgan all of the relevant parties involved in the negotiations have agreed on a sale price, but he can’t disclose the number. The New York Post estimated TNA to be worth $40 million.

Billy Corgan recently posted a video on Facebook saying that he is actively engaged in trying to buy the company. He noted that he doesn’t know if he will end up as the one who purchases the company, but he hopes to make it possible. Corgan followed up a few days later with another video saying that he is the sole investor at the moment.

As far as ROH goes, it’s been rumored for months that ROH owners Sinclair Broadcasting have interested in purchasing the company. ROH COO commented on the rumors on an episode of Shotgun Wrestling Radio back in May and he said the following:

“You know, rumors are rumors and that’s exactly what they are. We’re in business, our business happens to be wrestling. We’re a company that is brought deals all the time, we have the resources to purchase, grow, and consolidate, I think there’s a natural assumption that Sinclair is going to buy every wrestling company that comes down the pike. When it happens and it’s true well know it’s true.”

In any case, it certainly sounds like the TNA sale negotiations are heating up