Paige and Eva Marie were both suspended for 30 days at the end of last month for their first violation of the company’s wellness policy.

It has been more than 30 days since the women were suspended along with Alberto Del Rio, which means that WWE will be preparing for their return to the company.

Whilst Del Rio has opted to walk away from WWE instead of signing a new contract, his girlfriend is contracted with the company until 2019 and would have found it much harder to negotiate a release clause from her contract.

The former WWE Divas Champion has been advertised for the upcoming episode of Monday night Raw, but it is currently unknown how she will fit into the on-going female storylines. Charlotte is set to defend her Women’s Championship against Sasha Banks on Sunday night at Clash of Champions with Bayley set to be added to the match tomorrow night, which means that Paige wouldn’t be able to return and jump back into the title picture.

She could easily appear in a throwaway match against Dana Brooke or the currently inactive Summer Rae, given the recent rumours surrounding the 24-year-old WWE would be wise to allow her to begin climbing through the ranks in WWE again.

Paige was a consistant presence in the Divas title picture from her debut win in 2014 all the way through to the Divas Revolution the following year, so it would be a change of pace for the British superstar to be on the out-skirts of the Raw title picture instead.

Paige isn’t the only one due to return though, Eva Marie should have appeared on this week’s episode of SmackDown after also sitting out her suspension, but instead The Red Queen looks due to spend more time away from the company since she has landed a role in a new movie starring Nicholas Cage.

The star of Total Divas doesn’t look set to return to the company any time soon since filming for the movie currently entitled ‘Inconcievable’ begins in mid-October and it is thought that WWE don’t want to bring Eva back to have to write her back out of the show again.

The SmackDown females division seems to be working quite well since Nikki Bella’s return and the unveiling of the second Women’s Championship, although it will be interesting to see what the other four women do now that Alexa Bliss has been named as the number one contender to the Championship, meaning that she will be the one to face Becky Lynch at No Mercy next month.

As well as Paige and Eva Marie, it seems Emma is also set to make her return to WWE TV soon since the Australian has been wrestling on live shows recently. She is currently undrafted so it is unclear which brand she will be heading over to, but it will be interesting to see where she is placed.

Paige and Emma has a fantastic rivalry during their time in NXT and if WWE was to recreate that on Monday night Raw then it could easily give both women something to work towards over the next few months.

SmackDown has managed to find a way each week to include all six female wrestlers on the show, whilst Raw is only allowing the main four women to have TV time and whoever Nia Jax decides to destroy, which means that Summer Rae has been on the sidelines over the past few weeks.

Nia Jax has recently opened a feud with Alicia Fox which will hopefully give the Total Divas star some more TV time over the next few weeks, but a feud with Nia won’t last long right now because WWE are deciding to use her as a bulldozer until she finally meets someone who is her match in the ring.

It will be interestling to see how WWE decides to slot these women back into the shows after they’ve missed more than a month of action, and it will be exciting to anticipate which roster Emma will be drafted over to as well. Whilst Raw has more opportunities for the former dancing star, her boyfriend Zack Ryder is currently over on the SmackDown roster, which means that she might prefer to head over to the blue brand instead.