TNA sale rumors have been a hot topic as of late thanks to a New York Post article which mentioned that WWE and ROH were rumored to have placed recent bida on TNA. It was noted by that no one seems to know who floated the rumor to The Post, but several sources are claiming that the rumors are not true, and neither group has placed a recent bid.

Dave Meltzer did however note on Wrestling Observer Radio that there is an offer from WWE, but it’s being described as an offer that would only come into play if no other parties purchase TNA. The offer is also said to be not recent, and it seems that WWE would only be interested in the tape library so that they could use the footage to promote stars like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe.

As far as who is actually interested in buying TNA at this point, Meltzer noted that it’s between TNA President Billy Corgan and another party. There are several non-disclosure agreements in place in regards to the second party.

The second company is also reportedly not Aroluxe, who apparently had until September 1st to get their deal together.

Corgan has been active on social media as of late updating fans on the status of TNA. Billy recently posted a Facebook video saying that he is the only investor in TNA at this point, and he also said that he’s actively engaged in trying to purchase the company.

He told fans that he’s trying to buy the company, he doesn’t know if it’s going to happen, but he hopes that it it will.

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