New storylines are constantly coming together on WWE programming, and for a while fans were seeing the Mysterio family quite frequently.

Buddy Murphy became an integral part of Seth Rollins’ feud with the Mysterio family, and at one point he turned on Seth Rollins, and aligned himself with the Mysterio family. Part of the storyline saw Murphy get involved in a romance angle with Aalyah Mysterio, but now it seems that Murphy has denounced his loyalty to the Mysterios.

Murphy took to Instagram to post a comment saying that Aalyah used him for TV time, Dominik used him to stand ringside, and Rey was jealous that he became the face of the cruiserweight division. The comment has since been deleted, but a screenshot can be seen below.

Dave Meltzer talked about the comment on Wrestling Observer Radio and he noted that Murphy was ordered to delete it.

“Buddy Murphy, I guess did an Instagram post trying to shoot his own angle with the Mysterios. He was ordered to delete it and so he did.”

Recently Murphy tried to reunite with Seth Rollins on SmackDown, and it seems that Murphy was trying to explain the storyline via social media, but WWE didn’t approve of his methods.

“Yeah, that was another thing they changed. A storyline that changed for no reason and I guess he decided to come up with a reason to end it and turn heel and they didn’t want him shooting his own angle on Instagram.”

H/T Sportskeeda