women's champion

Ever since Vince McMahon announced the upcoming “Superstar Shake-Up” next week on Raw, the WWE Universe has been wondering about who will be moving from Raw to SmackDown or vice versa. Apparently, even someone like Charlotte Flair isn’t safe from switching brands.

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According to a new report from IWNerd, there is a big rumor going around that WWE officials are planning to send Charlotte Flair to SmackDown as one of the biggest roster changes. The belief is that Alexa Bliss will be heading to Raw to replace her in the women’s division.

The idea is to keep Sasha Banks and Charlotte on different brands and give Bayley new feuds for the Raw Women’s Championship. The company is interested in Bayley vs. Bliss sooner rather than later. It’s still unclear who Charlotte would be feuding with on SmackDown after the move.

It’s unlikely that WWE will have a trade of Bliss for Charlotte straight up. However, it seems both women will be switching brands after all the roster changes are finalized next week on WWE programming. The only question is if WWE officials will pull the trigger on their moves.