kurt angle

The response to Kurt Angle’s reveal that Jason Jordan is his biological son hasn’t been great, but WWE officials are expected to give their dynamic a lot of time on Raw. It could lead to a huge in-ring return for Angle down the line or the storyline could lead to a major heel turn.

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It’s being reported by Rajah that WWE officials could pull the trigger on a heel turn for Jason Jordan if the fans continue to reject the storyline. The turn could also happen several months down the line if the WWE Universe embraces the father/son angle between Kurt and Jordan.

On paper, the powers that be are hoping for Jason Jordan to become a major babyface as a result of an alliance with Kurt Angle. However, a heel turn would be easy for him to commit to given the natural of the storyline, but the fans should not rule out a turn for Kurt as well.

Unless the father/son angle completely tanks over the next couple of weeks, the fans should expect the storyline to last for the long term. It’s unclear exactly how their dynamic will be on Raw each week, so the fans should give it some time before turning on the angle completely.