WWE Network has been on a roll lately, they have been able to put out one amazing original series after another and fans of professional wrestling have been rewarded with each episode. Unfortunately, WWE Network has cancelled one of their best original programs. That being said, Legends With JBL is no more.

The comprehensive interview show was hosted by JBL and featured fascinating stories which chronicle some of the most groundbreaking and memorable careers in professional wrestling history. The show has featured Alundra Blayze, Ron Simmons, Sting, Booker T, Michael Hayes, and Eric Bischoff just to name a few.

Fans of the show loved the relaxed interview format which allowed the legends to really open up and go into favorite memories of their professional wrestling careers. However, JBL announced that WWE Network will air one more episode featuring Jimmy Hart, and then the show is finished.

Although an interview with the Mouth of the South might make for an amazing season finale, nobody wanted it to be the conclusion of the entire series. WWE Network is really losing a quality show with this decision.

Legends With JBL had all the possibility in the world to become a tent-pole for the Network’s original programming line-up. It is truly a sad day for all true fans of professional wrestling.