This is the Raw right before SummerSlam. There are still a couple loose ends that need to be tied up before the show. While most of the locker room is preoccupied with worrying about Ric Flair because of the surgery he had today. We’ve got to book a Raw Tag Team Title and a Women’s Title match. So let’s get right to the action in Boston.

Opening Segment

Dean Ambrose’s music hit and he was very well received. After making some faces to the camera and letting the crowd admire his presence he began to cut his promo.

He addressed what was going on between himself and Seth Rollins immediately and called the Architect to the ring. Dean said he was sick of playing games and Rollins accused him of playing games himself.

Seth said if they teamed up again they could run “this place” and that got a nice little pop. Then Seth offered his fist for a Shield fist bump and the crowd started chanting “yes” very loudly. Dean hesitated and acted like he wasn’t going to do it which is odd because they’ve been fist bumping all week at house shows.

“You have got to be kidding me!” Dean said instead of bumping Seth’s fist. He said he offered one last week and Seth walked out on him. Now he can’t trust him.

Rollins said he has trouble trusting him and said maybe this was a stupid idea. They stood in the ring for a bit longer and Rollins said: “Maybe it wasn’t, maybe our differences are why we work so well together.”

Seth acted like he was going to walk off and Dean turned him around. Then Dean offered the fist bump and Rollins looked down at it. Seth took forever and started walking away. The two started shoving each other and then Dean took Seth down and started hammering on him. Rollins jumped back up and brought the fight to Dean.

They spilled out onto the floor and just laid there until Sheamus and Cesaro’s music hit and the Raw Tag Team Champions came down to carry on with the assault on 2/3 of The Shield.

They tossed Dean over the barricade and threw Seth in the ring. The two stomped on Rollins while “you look stupid” chants broke out. Dean woke up on the outside and ran into the ring to fight off Sheamus and Cesaro.

The numbers game was too much and Deano ended up taking some abuse until Rollins jumped on Sheamus. The four men started brawling in the ring and 2/3 of The Shield clotheslined Sheamus and Cesaro over the top rope while they celebrated in the ring.

Finally, Rollins and Ambrose did the fist bump and the crowd went wild.

Kurt Angle’s music hit and he came out to book a Raw Tag Team Title match between Sheamus and Cesaro vs Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

“You suck” chants were very loud and carried on well after Angle’s announcement.

When they came back from commercial break the mentioned Ric Flair and how he had surgery today “but he’s not out of the woods yet.” They spoke some words of encouragement to Flair as well.

That was a nice little mention.

Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks

There was what looked like a lifeguard watch chair sitting at ringside that Nia and Sasha both walked by as they looked up at it curiously.

After both of their entrances, Alexa Bliss came down to sit upon her throne for the best seat in the house.

Banks went after Jax first but Nia took her down with a stiff tackle right off the bat. Sasha’s hometown of Boston loved seeing that in Opposite World.

Nia kept knocking Sasha around and drove her to the apron with a headbutt. Nia went to the floor and Banks jumped on her with the double knees but Jax caught her and just slung her against the barricade. That looked like it hurt.

Nia locked in a bear hug and started wrenching in the pressure. Sasha tried to fight out with some elbows, but Nia just let her down and tossed her around the ring some more. Jax followed it up with another shoulder block and a leg drop for a two count.

Then Nia got Banks up for that chicken wing above her head that really injured Bayley but Banks rolled around for a two count. Then Sasha tried to get a headlock but Nia hit a Samoan Drop. Banks was able to get a finger tip under the bottom rope to break up the pin.

Then Jax his Sasha with another Samoan Drop but Banks rolled out of the ring. The referee started the ten-count so Nia just went back inside to roll Banks back in. Sasha started fighting back and tried to roll Nia up for another pin but she kicked out.

Nia went for an elbow drop but Sasha rolled out of the way. Nia didn’t seem to sell it much though as she just shook it off and got back up.

Nia placed Sasha on the top rope and climbed up to join her. Banks blocked whatever Nia was trying to do and fired some elbows to the back of her head. She tried to powerbomb Jax, but that didn’t work so she just kicked her knee out from under her and hit the double knees for a roll-up pin. 2 count!

Banks had Jax down for a moment but then ran into Nia’s boot that sent her across the ring.

“It’s over!” Nia screamed as she walked over to Banks.

Before Jax knew it she was trapped in the Bank Statement. Nia picked Banks up but Sasha just flipped around her and hit a DDT to keep the Bank Statement locked in. Nia Jax finally tapped and Boston went wild.

However, Alexa Bliss sat up on her elevated seat looking unimpressed and unamused.

Backstage Segment

Raw GM Kurt Angle was backstage watching on a monitor and he turned around to see the Hardy Boyz. Kurt told them they wouldn’t be getting their hands on The Revival at SummerSlam and Matt said it was a shame because they always have a DELIGHTFUL match.

Miz and Mizrourage joined the segment and they talked some smack. Kurt said Curtis Axel is going to have the match they were supposed to have last week. Miz said he’d be the one taking on Jason Jordan.

Suddenly in the middle of Miz talking, a ref walked up to Kurt and said, “we have a problem with Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt.” Kurt left in the middle of Miz’s little rant, “I was talking!” Miz shouted looking rather annoyed.

Kurt left in the middle of Miz’s little rant, “I was talking!” Miz shouted looking rather annoyed.

Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor were brawling backstage and a slew of backstage officials were trying to pull them apart. Kurt Angle ran up and said SummerSlam’s coming early because they’re going to have their match tonight.

Elias vs R-Truth (Kinda)

Elias (Samson) was in the ring drawing just as much heat as ever. He really is great. His question: “Who wants to walk with Elias?” got a sizable pop from the crowd.

He started singing his song after asking everyone to keep their cell phones down and hold their applause. “The people here are disgusting, clam chowder is much, I can’t wait to leave this city because this place is wicked cursed” — then R-Truth came out. Because, why not?

People like saying “what’s up” during R-Truth’s theme song much more on Raw.

Elias jumped R-Truth and hit the Drift Away very quickly to leave R-Trizzle laying in the ring. Elias grabbed his guitar and kissed it while his music played on.

Then Elias left without anything else really happening. Cool…

Big Cass Has Major Heat

The shark cage was in the middle of the ring while the announce team talked up the fact Enzo had to be in that cage at SummerSlam. Then Big Cass came out.

Suspending Enzo in a shark cage at SummerSlam has to be a rib. Just sayin.

Big Cass didn’t get much of his promo started before the crowd shut him down in a big way every time he got going. “This Sunday at–” BOOOOOOO!

“You suck” chants broke out and it sounded like Boston meant it.

This was insane heat on the big guy, and you can’t teach that. They wouldn’t let him get this promo out. So Cass just leaned against the cage. “This Sunday at SummerSlam—” BOOOO!!!

Finally, he had to plow through it “I’ll just talk over you I don’t care I’m the man when I talk it matters when you talk it does not.” This was awesome heat.

Cass kept going with the verbiage given to him and the crowd kept up. This promo was nothing compared to the insane heat he was getting from the Boston crowd.

I’m now convinced. I take it all back. Everything I said about Big Cass not being able to draw real heat. Holy cow, this promo was great. He said he was going to dismantle Big Show while referring to himself in the third person.

He said he will prove he is the best big man in the game today and all Enzo Amore can do is sit there and watch.

Enzo’s music hit on Raw and the crowd was suddenly cheering.

The Boston crowd was very into Enzo and bought his schtick well. Enzo made fun of Cass and how he couldn’t get his promo started. He said Cass was rambling like a man who’d been knocked out two weeks in a row because he did get knocked out two weeks in a row.

Cass said Enzo was always the funny guy and Enzo always runs his mouth. Cass told Enzo to walk down to the ring and say it to his face.

Then Enzo introduced The Big Show after calling himself a star. Then Enzo could walk down to the ring after he had a seven-foot-tall friend standing next to him.

Show got in the ring and Cass ducked behind the shark cage. Show tried to get to him and then Cass knocked Enzo off the apron.

Suddenly Anderson and Gallows jumped in the ring and assaulted The Big Show. They kicked at Show and wrapped a belt around Show’s wrist. They pulled Big Show’s arm into the shark cage and Big Cass slammed the door on Big Show’s arm.

It wasn’t really explained why The Club came down to help Big Cass take out The Big Show but they assisted with the assault nonetheless.

Big Cass raised his fist in victory as The Club left the ring. Cass’s new music played as he walked up the ramp and WWE officials tended to the fallen Big Show.

Neville vs Akira Tozawa (Cruiserweight Championship Match)

So, SummerSlam is coming early for Tozawa. It’s time to see if he can dethrone the King Of The Cruiserweights.

Neville gained control early on, but Tozawa wrestled out of the predicament. These two had very complimentary styles.

Tozawa hit a standing dropkick and started chopping Neville all around the ring. Neville finally kicked Akira in the gut and sent him to the floor.

Neville jumped on the apron to avoid Towaza’s assualt but got kicked off onto the floor. Neville returned to the rinf right back into the fire of Akira. After a two count, Neville rolled back to the outside.

Neville later his a top rope dropkick for a two count and he didn’t look too happy the challenger kicked out. Neville locked in a submission hold and Tozawa fought to stay alive and rally the crowd. Akira reversed out of the hold with a suplex but Neville got to his feet first.

Akira hit a kick to Neville and turned him inside out with a suplex. Neville went outside and Tozawa hit him with a suicide dive. Then he hit him with a second one and tossed Neville in the ring as Titus O’Neil cheered on.

Neville missed a dropkick and Tozawa hit a running senton. Akira climbed to the top rope but Neville climbed out to join him. Akira tried to hit Neville off of him, but Akira took a superplex anyway. Both men were sprawled out on the mat at this point.

Once they got to their feet the two started trading shots but Akira got the upper hand. Finally, Tozawa climbed up the top turnbuckle once more but Neville got back to his feet. Tozawa went running toward him but Neville pulled the ref to block the charge.

Neville tried to get a Rings Of Saturn but Tozawa rolled him up for a two count. Tozawa ended up back on the mat and Neville went to the top rope and MISSED with a Red Arrow.

Tozawa climbed up on top and geared up for his Senton Bomb. 1-2-3 and Akira Tozawa finally toppled Neville.

After the match, Neville simply rolled out of the ring while Akira was hoisted up on Titus’ shoulders and they celebrated in the ring on Raw.

Akira Tozawa is the new Cruiserweight Champion. It looks like SummerSlam really came early for The Titus Brand!

Backstage Segment

Big Show was backstage with the trainer where they told him his hand was broken. Then Show only seemed angrier. It looks like broken hand or not, Big Show will still take on Colin Cassady.

Mickie James was backstage and Emma came in talking about how she got screwed in her match last week. She started the Women’s Revolution and rambled on with her blue lipstick until Mickie stopped her.

James said Emma likes to rewrite her own history and pointed out how Emma tapped out. Mickie said every woman has had a part in the Women’s Revolution. Then she proposed a match between the two tonight.

Bray Wyatt vs Finn Balor

The Boston Garden was full of fireflies for Bray Wyatt’s entrance. The crowd was equally into Finn Balor’s fantastic entrance too.

Bray started off playing some mind games with Finn by going right after him. But Finn caught a side headlock and telegraphed Bray’s charge in the corner. Balor jumped on the apron and delivered a kick to the side of Bray’s head.

Bray then dropped Finn to the apron with a right hand. Wyatt slowed things down a bit and pounded down on Balor.

Finn fought back and tossed Bray out of the ring. Balor hit a dropkick through the ropes and then hit a kick to the head from the apron even though he missed by a mile, Bray still sold the shot.

Bray held Finn down with a headlock and continued to apply the pressure on Finn. Bray’s mission was to humiliate Finn in front of The Balor Club and he was well on his way to do just that.

Finn started to fight back just as Bray Wyatt forced him back down to the canvas. Insert another headlock from Bray here.

Finn hit a jawjacker on Bray and then caught The Eater Of Worlds with an overhead kick. As both men laid on the mat they struggled to get to their feet.

Bray ran into some boots in the corner and Finn started knocking Bray down and then landed a drop kick to the face. Finn shot Bray to the corner and leapfrogged over him. Bray ended up taking a move from Balor for a two count and then shot Bray off the ropes again.

Bray hit Finn with a flying tackle and Balor countered Bray’s next move. Balor hit a Sling Blade but Bray stepped aside from Finn’s corner dropkick and hit a running senton for another two count.

Wyatt started amping himself up in the corner and looked at Balor upside down. He set up for the Sister Abigail but Balor reversed it into a double foot stomp.

Bray rolled to the outside and Finn followed him to hit the double dropkick to the barricade. Bray was rolled back in the ring and Finn got to the top rope for a Coupe De Gras.

Bray knocked him down and hit the Sister Abigail. One-two-three and Bray Wyatt beat Finn Balor clean as a whistle.

After the match, Bray picked Finn up and hit another Sister Abigail.

Then the screen went all Wyatty. When the screen came back Finn was laying in the corner and Bray had a bucket. Wyatt poured a bucket of “blood” all over Finn and that certainly woke him up. It migth have woken him up in more ways than one… it might have woken a demon in Finn.

Balor rolled around the ring covered in blood while Bray sat back and laughed his head off.

Wonder if WWE is going to get a couple angry letters about that blood bath gimmick…

NEWSFLASH: It wasn’t blood being poured over Finn Balor on Raw. It was some kind of acidic liquid!

Mickie James vs Emma

Mickie James had control until Emma pushed her off the top rope and sent her tumbling to the floor. Emma went to get her and toss her back in for a two-count.

Emma locked Mickie up in a Full Nelson until Mickie rolled Emma up for a two count. Emma returned with a clothesline for another two count.

Emma stood on Mickie’s hair as she stretched her out. Emma hit a suplex for yet another two count.

Corey said Emma reminds him of a young Booker T and Booker didn’t really comment on that one.

Emma knocked Mickie off the top rope for a two count and then tried another pin for a two count. Mickie hit the Mick Kick for the three count.

#GiveEmmaAChance rolls on

Backstage Segment

Finn Balor was covered in blood. He had just asked Raw GM Kurt Angle for a rematch against Bray at SummerSlam. Finn said Bray’s got his demons… well Balor’s got his demons too… neat! We’re gonna see Finn wearing some sick body paint in Brooklyn!

Miz vs Jason Jordan

The Miztourage came down in full force to take on Mr. Angle’s Baby Boy.

Jason Jordan’s music just evokes booing at this point… then there is no response which is the kiss of death, really.

JJ and Miz wrestled around for a bit and Jordan got the upper hand using some amateur wrestling skills. Jason hit a drop kick and Miz rolled out of the ring to have a pow-wow with his stable.

Miz tried to create a distraction with the Miztourage but it didn’t work.

Jason looked like he was going to wrap things up and suddenly the Miztourage came in and jumped them.

Insert The Hardy Boyz here. They ran the Miztourage out of the ring and Miz got hit with a Poetry In Motion and a suplex from JJ.

Okay, so Miz and Miztourge vs JJ and the Hardys as a last minute addition. That’s neat. It’s also a good way to make sure Jordan is on a team that’s overwhelmingly babyface because everyone loves the Hardys.

Miz and Miztourage vs The Hardy Boyz and Jason Jordan

The Hardys tagged in and out using their double team offense against Curtis Axel. Then JJ got the tag and wrenched at Axels’ arm. Curtis turned it around on Jason and stomped him down int he corner. Jordan caught a drop kick and turned it into an arm bar.

Bo Dallas got the tag but JJ immediately took him down with a fireman’s carry take down and got the tag off to Matt.

Michael Cole said the Hardys had been “Awoken” and Corey Graves pointed out the fact that “Awoken” isn’t a real word. Bo kicked out of a pinning predicament as the match carried on.

Jeff caught Dallas with a stiff clothesline and tagged in Jordan. JJ kept control over Bo Dallas until he got a tag to Miz.

Miz ended up on the apron and Jason tossed him in the ring. Miz gained control over JJ using nefarious means and stomped away at Angle’s pride and joy.

Jason Jordan started taking, even more, punishment until he rolled out of the way from an elbow drop from Curtis Axel. Matt got the tag and “delete” chants were pretty thick.

He hit the running bulldog on Curtis Axel and geared up for The Twist Of Fate, finally he hit a reverse bulldog for a two count.

Miz got the tag and started to stomp on Matt. Miz hyped the crowd and got everyone hot at him with a chant. Jeff tried to enter the ring but the ref shoved him back outside. Bo Dallas got the tag while the crowd started chanting for the Hardy Boyz.

Bo tagged The Axman back in and they kept up the assault on Matt Hardy. Matt tried to fight back but ended up being driven into the corner. Matt moved out of the way from a corner clothesline and tripped up Axel.

Miz got the tag before Matt could get to his corner. Miz hit Jordan off the apron with a cheap shot but got turned inside out by Matt. Jeff got the hot tag as Bo Dallas got tagged in by Miz.

Jeff started cleaning up and running a clinic on Bo Dallas. Inverted atomic drop followed by a dropkick to Axel on the apron. Jeff hit the Whisper In The Wind for a two count and then Jeff climbed to the top. Miz and Axel distracted Jeff and Bo hit a neckbreaker for a two count. Then Jordan started cleaning up house. Bo tossed JJ out of the ring and Jeff hit the Twist Of Fate.

The Axman broke up the pin and JJ came in to hit everyone with big moves. Matt Hardy hit the Twist Of Fate on Bo followed by a Swanton Bomb from Jeff Hardy for the win.

Final Segment

Kurt Angle was in the ring with security (meaning a ton of local indie talent) surrounding the ring.

Brock Lesnar got a huge pop when Angle introduced him. Of course, Paul Heyman was close behind the Universal Champion.

Paul started on the mic before anyone else could come down and got in his lines everyone likes to chant with him. Paul said he was going to shoot from the hip and said WWE is squeezing another appearance with Brock by arranging this face to face to face to face confrontation.

Paul said they can have all the security they want, but all hell is still going to break loose because Brock Lesnar’s bad mood is totally justified.

It was now 11:00 PM and Paul Heyman was still talking.

Paul went on about how this whole booking situatoin was a conspiracy against Brock and how everyone’s out to get him. “As a fan that concept, Mr Angle sucks” Heyman said about the fatal four-way. He said when Lesnar finally drops his title it will be because one man was able to do it and it won’t be due to some cheap title change in a fatal four-way.

But it sure as hell won’t be Samoa Joe according to Heyman.

“It sure as hell won’t be Braun Strowman” Heyman continued. He said Braun has all the tools to be champion. Strowman is the Monster Among Men but in the monster movie at SummerSlam Beast slays Monster.

Then Paul mentioned Roman Reigns and the Boston Garden came alive with boos. Heyman said Roman’s yard is in Brock Lesnar’s house and rent is due at SummerSlam.

Heyman said he doesn’t make predictions, he only delivers spoilers. He said one of two things will happen. WWE will either rip the title off Lesnar in some conspiracy and they’re walking. “You better lock this beast up in a cage…hint, hint,” Heyman said without straight up saying UFC. Heyman said the other option is Lesnar beating Braun, Roman, or Joe “and that’s my case to subscribe to the WWE Network.”

Samoa Joe came down and said he doesn’t fear Brock. He said he’s coming for the championship at SummerSlam after he puts Brock to sleep in the middle of the ring.

Braun Strowman came down sporting his nifty t-shirt available at WWE Shop he got in the ring and just stood there. Strowman said “in case you didn’t know I’m always the last man standing, ask Roman Reigns.”

Joe brought up the fact that he helped Braun beat Roman in that last man standing match. He said Braun was merely a man who barely stood up while he put Roman Reigns down.

Speaking of Roman Reigns, he came out next and was booed pretty badly. Reigns didn’t waste time. He just speared Joe out of the ring. Braun powerslammed Roman and Reigns rolled outside too.

Then Brock strolled tot he middle of the ring and Braun walked up to him. SUDDENLY the security guards rushed the ring and pulled them apart. WWE loves pull aparts nowadays, eh?

Where were these security guards when Joe and Roman were being taken out. Speaking of taken out, Braun and Brock destroyed all of the security guards. Then Kurt called the entire Raw locker room including the Hardy Boyz, Miztourage, Slater and Ryhno, etc.

Brock got free and jumped onto Braun but the locker room pulled him back. Then Braun tried to get at Lesnar but he was pulled back too.

Raw ended with the Raw locker room holding Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman apart while Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe took naps on the outside of the ring on Raw.

Who’s looking strong for SummerSlam? Brrrrrraaaaaun!