There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the WWE Women’s Division has reached its peak over the past few months.

The women have been booked so much better in WWE in recent months, to the point where the division is finally being taken seriously, it is believed that this is all down to the fact that WWE rehired Tom Casiello.

Tom Casiello is a former soap writer and had all the experience needed to help book WWE going forward. It is believed that he had a lot to do with the recent Charlotte versus Sasha rivalry.

According to, there has been a recent creative shake up and one key member has been let go. But it seems that there could be more to the story, back in 2012 Shane McMahon attempted to take over WWE’s creative team and that could well be the reason for this recent dismissal.

It is thought that because Tom had a lot to do with booking the women’s¬†division, and that many of the current storylines could change. Charlotte and Sasha were supposed to have had the final chapter of their rivalry two weeks ago on Raw, and¬†unsurprisingly WWE has now decided to push them forward to an IronWoman match at RoadBlock next weekend.

Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch are currently the stand out females on SmackDown and have had quite a meaningful rivalry over the past few months. Casiello could have been the main mind behind this and now these feuds could be set to go in a different direction.

It is thought that there are 15-20 members of the creative team and these are the people who come up with many ideas that they then share with Stephanie and Vince McMahon. These creative team members then split into groups and work with the superstars on storylines going forward and promos that could be made from it.

As of late Charlotte’s in-ring and promo work has been absolutely incredible, she has been one of the standout women on the entire roster and it would be a shame to let all of the work Sasha and Charlotte have done in recent months go to waste.

Tuesday nights have also seen the females gaining a lot of attention with Natalya, Nikki and Carmella also being given a storyline to properly sink their teeth into. This could turn into a worthy second rivalry for the females of the SmackDown roster is WWE gives it a chance.

Raw will feature the debut of Emmalina on Monday night and the way she is booked from the beginning could have a huge impact on whether or not she is taken seriously going forward. Dana Brooke hasn’t been used much on Raw recently and she was once part of a team with Emma, so if the Australian superstar was to return as a face, a feud with her former partner could be on the cards.

The women have managed to come through so much over the past few months and have competed in Hell in a Cell, a tables match, a no disqualication match and they’ve even main evented Raw. They have changed the WWE Universe’s opinion of the women and have proved that they have what it takes to now be classed as superstars rather than Divas.

The Divas Championship has been retired and the new Women’s Championships are hoping to build a lot of prestige through the feuds with the current women. The division as a whole is a good place now and for WWE to switch up rivalries would be a bad idea. The company needs to trust what is already going on in the division and ensure that they don’t take a step backwards when they book feuds going forward.

There is a reason that Vince decided to fire Casiello, but now he needs to ensure that this doesn’t have a knock-on effect on the division and spoil the hard work that he has obviously already put in.